China warns US against 'weaponising' space

December 19, 2018
US President Donald Trump has ordered the creation of "Space Command", a new organisational structure within the Pentagon that will have overall control of military space operations

China said Wednesday it opposed the "weaponisation" of space as it criticised US President Donald Trump's orders to create a new command centre for controlling military space operations.

"China has consistently proposed the peaceful usage of , and opposes the weaponisation of space and a space arms race," said Chinese foreign ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying at a press briefing.

"We oppose even further turning space into the new battleground," she added.

On Tuesday, Trump ordered the creation of "Space Command", a new organisational structure within the Pentagon that will have overall control of military space operations.

SpaceCom, as it will inevitably come to be known, will be on equal footing with other US military commands, such as Central Command in the Middle East or Indo-Pacific Command in Asia, and will require a new headquarters as well as a commander and deputy commander who will need Senate approval.

It is not the first military space entity proposed by the US president this year.

In June, Trump said he wanted to create "Space Force", an entirely new branch of the military, alongside the Navy, Marine Corps, Army, Air Force and Coast Guard.

He insists such a move is necessary to tackle vulnerabilities in space and assert US dominance in orbit.

But its creation is not a done deal, as it needs to be approved by Congress, and the concept has met with some scepticism from lawmakers and defence officials wary of the cost and added bureaucracy.

China has also bolstered its space capabilities in recent years.

Earlier this month, the country launched a rover heading to the , a global first that could boost Beijing's ambitions to become a space superpower.

In 2013, China landed its first probe on the moon, Yutu or "Jade Rabbit".

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not rated yet Dec 19, 2018
Every time there is a reliable UFO sighting, local governments send a fighter plane, F16, F18, etc. It is like moving to a new neighbourhood and when someone knocks on the door, opening with a shotgun in your hand.
not rated yet Dec 19, 2018
try more like opening the door with a flyswatter in your hand...
2.3 / 5 (3) Dec 20, 2018
From Chinese Ministry:
"China has consistently proposed the peaceful usage of space, and opposes the weaponization of space and a space arms race,"
Just how stupid and hypocritical can the Chinese get? They have been dredging/building up, fortifying, "weaponizing" disputed islands in the middle of International Navigation Waters, and NOW they pretend to be all aghast and innocent? They must really think that the rest of the world is as stupid as they are, if they think anyone will believe that China has any right to complain when someone else proposes to do what China have been doing against all International rights/agreements in SPACE. Let's face it, China/Russia are heading towards an almighty confrontation with the rest of the world that will destroy BOTH Russia and China; as well as every other nation/society/economy. Have they learned nothing from HISTORY? Such blatant CRAZINESS and aggression/cheating will lead to WORLD WAR....where everyone loses! STOP it NOW.
Da Schneib
3 / 5 (2) Dec 20, 2018
The Chinese are moving to weaponize space and blaming it on their perceived opponents. This is standard Chinese strategery. They always think they're the Smartest Man in the World and always take the hippie's backpack.
Da Schneib
3 / 5 (2) Dec 20, 2018
Getting really tired of the Chinese. They are trolls just like the Russians because they can't match their perceived opponents.

The Japanese are buying enough to bury them.
not rated yet Dec 21, 2018
Chinese need to get a bloody nose. Or a broken one.
5 / 5 (1) Dec 22, 2018
Which nation on this planet is using the term "dominance" to describe its international ambitions and concept of dealing with fellow human beings? After answering that (a hint, the answer can be found in this article), it is easier to understand where the threat to peace is coming from.
not rated yet Jan 06, 2019
Oh unrealcheckbounced,
The PRC still has to hoist up, the half their population, still stuck in the rice paddies.

Sounds to me, that you are fretting about your neighbor down the street. Grumbling that he is adding second floor to his house.
While your own dwelling is on fire.
Are you afraid that he will be looking down at your smudged hovel, laughing at you?

"Dominant"? What a cliche of suicidal intent. You seriously profess that the PLA generals & admirals are as ignorant as you?

They know that the bulk of their military are useless in a nuclear exchange.
They know the US nuclear forces are sufficient to kill all the people of China,
Several times over.
& no where are sufficient numbers of planes, trains & automobiles to carry even a tiny fraction of their population to safety.

Unless you are advocating a unprovoked, preemptive strike on China? "Just kill them all & let god sort them out?"

- cont'd -
not rated yet Jan 06, 2019
- cont'd -
"Just kill them all & let god sort them out?"

Sure that's one "Final Solution". Maybe you might want to consider working to find other possible futures?

Cause it is my guesstimate.
That 'liberally' plastering China with hellfire, will have serious consequences.
Even if not a single PLA bomb or warhead ever successfully retaliates.

You obliterate China, killing one & a half billion Human Beings. You have finally reached the pinnacle of Right Fascist ambitions....
By finally murdering more people than the Left Fascists!

Reducing them to radioactive ash. That normal weather patterns will gradually distribute all over North America. For centuries.
& that is their revenge on us!

Ooo, very subtle those damn celestials! Why, practically bittersweet & sour...

The bastards! How dare they outsmart us! We'll blame it on Ming the Merciless.

Hey! We're American White Males. We never accept responsibility for the evil we commit.

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