Cold turkey! Minus 26 atop Mount Washington for Thanksgiving

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It's downright cold atop Mount Washington, home to some of the most brutal weather in the Northeast.

The Mount Washington Observatory says it plunged to minus 26 (minus 32 Celsius) on Thursday morning. The says that broke its daily record low of minus 11 (minus 23 Celsius).

It also broke the lowest temperature it has seen in November. The old record was minus 20 (minus 28 Celsius) on Nov. 30, 1958.

The observatory says winds over hurricane force—that's 74 mph (119 kph) or higher—had wind chills in the range of minus 70 to minus 75 (minus 56 to minus 59 Celsius).

At 6,288 (1,916 meters), Mount Washington in New Hampshire is the highest peak in the Northeast. It's known for its .

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