UK physicist donates $3 million prize to boost diversity

One of Britain's leading astrophysicists is donating her $3 million purse from a major science prize to encourage diversity in physics.

Jocelyn Bell Burnell says the money will go to the Institute of Physics to fund graduate scholarships for people from under-represented groups—women, members of ethnic minorities and refugees.

She told the BBC that people from bring "a fresh angle on things and that is often a very productive thing. A lot of breakthroughs, she added, "come from left field."

Bell Burnell won the Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics on Thursday for her role in discovering radio pulsars. The discovery of the rotating neutron stars won a Nobel Prize for physics in 1974, but two of Bell Burnell's male colleagues were named the winners.

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Sep 06, 2018
Much the same as always.
Instead of saying that lack of diversity exists, maybe there's a reason, which is what "science" supposedly would recommend, it's asserted, without proof, that all are necessarily all the same in every way and steps must be taken to create an artificial environment to make it appear that that is true!
Too, Bell Burnell did not, as such, "discover" pulsars. She carried out the process of looking at printouts of signals. She did not hypothesize their existence or design the equipment to detect them.

Sep 06, 2018
oh jp, still the sourgrape over having to go through toilet training during your adolescence?

Sep 06, 2018
JP is a case-book example of the prescriptivist and he routinely demonstrates why prescriptivism is generally disregarded: it's non-informative. His streaks of misogyny don't help, either.

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