Square Kilometre Array—technology for a knowledge economy

Square Kilometre Array—technology for a knowledge economy
The core of the MeerKAT radio telescope shortly before completion. Credit: South African Radio Astronomy Observatory

The Square Kilometre Array South Africa (SKA SA)'s success is underpinned by open and inclusive institutions, fostering and leveraging interrelationships, promoting innovation that may be commercialised, and attracting, retaining and training suitable individuals.

These four themes or key pillars (institutions, interrelationships, innovation and individuals) – comprising the 4I model – were revealed to be crucial for engendering a knowledge economy. Bhogal developed the 4I model whilst exploring factors that inhibit and enable the impact of SKA on South Africa's knowledge economy.

Increasingly, nations pursue knowledge-based endeavours to promote economic growth. SKA SA – South Africa's flagship science project and the world's largest radio telescope – is expected to develop local competitive advantage, which will contribute to . Sub-themes in the 4I model include the role of a nation's inherent competitive advantage in informing its competitive and innovation strategy, multidimensional interrelationships and politically astute leadership. A deeper understanding of the 4I model forms a basis for strengthening each pillar and thereby its impact on the knowledge economy.

More information: Nishana Bhogal. The role of the Square Kilometre Array in South Africa's economic development strategy, South African Journal of Science (2018). DOI: 10.17159/sajs.2018/20170297

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