Facebook removes accounts in fight against fake news

May 8, 2017
Credit: CC0 Public Domain

Facebook says it has deleted tens of thousands of accounts in Britain ahead of the June 8 general election in a drive to battle fake news.

The tech giant also took out newspaper advertisements in Britain's media offering advice on how to spot such stories. The ads suggest that readers should be "skeptical of headlines," and to "look closely at the URL."

The company says it has made improvements to help them detect accounts more effectively.

Simon Milner, the tech firm's U.K. director of policy, says the platform wants to get to the "root of the problem" and is working with outside organizations to fact check and analyze content around the election.

Milner says Facebook is "doing everything we can to tackle the problem of ."

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5 / 5 (1) May 08, 2017
Sounds fine - except that who says THEY are qualified to decide what is fake news ? Facebook guys KNOW what is truth and will decide FOR US what we are allowed to see ? Sounds like a very good opportunity for total censorship of whatever is not part of 'the club' of so-called 'experts' to me ! I read a lot of 'alternative' news & I do not want anybody vetting what I read - there are many very interesting concepts & ideas considered too fringe to 'be allowed' - for instance the Geoenginering of climate, the concept of Plasma chemistry as opposed to BigBang, the Ae911truth investigations, etc etc..what is currently considered 'truth' by mainstream science is challenged everywhere, but if those challenges are stifled because the Facebook guy thinks it is suspect, then we are stuck in a non-generative unproductive state of going nowhere intellectually ! Nothing is 'final truth' all is in a state of flux - hands off alternative ideas !

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