Professor solved time-reversal violation

Associate Professor Dr Joan Vaccaro, of Griffith's Centre for Quantum Dynamics, has solved an anomaly of conventional physics and shown that a mysterious effect called 'T violation' could be the origin of time evolution and conservation laws.

"I begin by breaking the rules of physics, which is rather bold I have to admit, but I wanted to understand time better and conventional physics can't do that," Dr Vaccaro says.

"I do get conventional physics in the end though. This means that the rules I break are not fundamental. It also means that I can see why the universe has those rules. And I can also see why the universe advances in time."

In her research published in The Royal Society Dr Vaccaro says T violation, or a violation of time reversal (T) symmetry, is forcing the universe and us in it, into the future

"If T violation wasn't involved we wouldn't advance in time and we'd be stuck at the Big Bang, so this shows how we escaped the Big Bang.

"I found the mechanism that forces us to go to the future, the reason why you get old and the reason why we advance in time.""The universe must be symmetric in time and space overall. But we know that there appears to be a preferred direction in time because we are incessantly getting older not younger."

The anomaly Dr Vaccaro solves involves two things not accounted for in in conventional physical theories - the direction of time, and the behaviour of the mesons (which decay differently if time went in the opposite direction).

Experiments show that the behaviour of mesons depends on the direction of time; in particular, if the direction of time was changed then their behaviour would also," she says.

"Conventional physical theories can accommodate only one direction of time and one kind of meson behaviour, and so they are asymmetric in this regard. But the problem is that the universe cannot be asymmetric overall.

"This means that physical theories must be symmetric in time. To be symmetric in time they would need to accommodate both directions of time and both meson behaviours. This is the anomaly in physics that I am attempting to solve."

Dr Vaccaro is presenting her work at the Soapbox Science event held in Brisbane as part of National Science Week, titled "The meaning of time: why the universe didn't stay put at the and how it is 'now' and no other time".

Without any T violation the theory gives a very strange universe. An object like a cup can be placed in time just like it is in space.

"It just exists at one place in space and one point in time. There is nothing unusual about being at one place in space, but existing at one point in time means the object would come into existence only at that point in time and then disappear immediately.

"This means that conservation of matter would be violated. It also means that there would be no evolution in time. People would only exist for a single point in time - they would not experience a "flow of time".

When Dr Vaccaro adds T violation to the theory, things change dramatically.

"The cup is now found at any and every time," she says,

"This means that the theory now has conservation of matter - the conservation has emerged from the theory rather than being assumed. Moreover, objects change over time, cups chip and break, and people would grow old and experience a "flow of time". This means that the theory now has evolution.

The next stage of the research is to design experiments that will test predictions of the .

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Aug 17, 2016
So it is a work presented at an "event", not even the peer review of a conference which is already weak overview.

The symmetry of the FLRW universe shows up in its topology, which looks like two glued together copies at the thing neck (of near zero scale factor). The usual solution proposed is that it is the initial condition that was asymmetric for as yet unknown reasons, and the bottleneck can be skirted in various ways. Another proposal is that the symmetry is physically realized. (Carroll et al's mirror time universe.)

Aug 17, 2016
But instead when I check Wikipedia and home pages, the work has been peer reviewed published before.

[ https://en.wikipe..._Vaccaro ]

Don't know if it contributes to understanding as opposed to earlier proposals and symmetry principles, but superficially it looks like solid derivation FWIW.

[ ]

Aug 17, 2016
I'd say time flows in 2 directions just as every direction of space. Only we don't normally see space expanding or notice it. The universe on average is going nowhere in space or time. So time is conserved. Particles being created in pairs, one going forward in time and the other backwards, at least per Feynman. The antiparticle is the one going in reverse time. Per Feynman there is a probability vector for particles to reverse direction in time. But we don't normally observe these particles because the laws of physics are reversed when they go in reverse time. That is, electrons become positrons and matter becomes antimatter and the laws of gravity are reversed. But a particle changing direction in time can continue indefinitely in that direction without going back to the past in forward time. In other words don't fall for the grandfather paradox.

Aug 17, 2016
Total, utter and complete rubbish. The fact that other scientific models of consciousness point to the nature of Entropy as the cause of irreversibility, others point to the expansion of the universe as the cause of the direction of time and other models have different assumptions again clearly show that no single parameter or model of time can possibly be universally true as is claimed above.

Statistical Mechanics, for instance, shows us that the state of system can, given sufficient time, return to the initial conditions. Only the expanding universe can falsify this claim and even there, as Penrose and other hypothesized before the accelerating expansion was discovered, the entire universe could revert back to its initial condition with time running backward as the universe compacted.

Agree with these models or not, it does clearly show just how incomplete the above model is.

Aug 17, 2016
I suspect the U is like a beating heart, expanding and contracting. That is, you could say, it's alive. When it cools sufficiently the generators of virtual particle pairs fall in phase and merge. When they all merge you get one big vacuum fluctuation - another big bang. In which case you can say time doesn't reverse directions, it just reverses from expansion to contraction as the other dimension.

Aug 17, 2016
cont the other dimension.
dimensions. Sorry.

Aug 17, 2016
As I have mentioned on other similar threads, I have the idea that Time has it own dimensions and the manifestation of these is what we experience as the 'arrow of time' and entropy. However, I do hasten to mention that, as yet, my 'sums' don't work out at present so it remains just an idea and nothing more. I have toyed with the idea that these dimensions might have a 'magnetic' like property so that each has a constant rate of 'ticking' or movement. Oh well, take no notice of me.

Aug 19, 2016
IMHO - the title is a bit presumptuous, considering the singular study & this
The next stage of the research is to design experiments that will test predictions of the theory
i can wait for more evidence



Oh well, take no notice of me
even though we don't always agree, at least you can usually produce more evidence here than the pseudoscience trolls

here is the study she worked on, BTW, in case you want to read up on what she is doing



So it is a work presented at an "event", not even the peer review of a conference
here is the peer reviewed journal publication of her paper:

you can compare with the arXiv for details

Aug 23, 2016
This comment has been removed by a moderator.

Aug 23, 2016
@Captain Stumpy many thanks for the links and will read later. However, what my idea implies goes is that it goes deeper than the present quantum realm. What I mean is that, quantum particle/waves still (seem to) to obey the same 'arrow of time' principle that is in the general case. If Time were multi-dimensional then that might explain, I say might, what paths the quantum realm is allowed to take and why. Everything in a 'sea of Time'.

Aug 23, 2016
But instead when I check Wikipedia and home pages, the work has been peer reviewed published before.

I was wondering also because this seemed familiar: And after a quick google I found that it had already been reported on PO in January

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