Hong Kong hit by coldest temperatures in nearly 60 years

January 24, 2016
Weather officials in Hong Kong have issued a frost warning saying an "intense cold surge" is in place, coupled with ch
Weather officials in Hong Kong have issued a frost warning saying an "intense cold surge" is in place, coupled with chilling monsoon winds

A cold snap gripped Hong Kong on Sunday, with residents shivering as temperatures plunged to the lowest point in nearly 60 years and frost dusted the mountaintops of a city accustomed to a subtropical climate.

Weather officials issued a frost warning saying an "intense surge" was in place, coupled with chilling monsoon winds.

Morning temperatures dropped to 3.3 Celsius (38 Fahrenheit) in urban areas of the southern Chinese city, where most buildings lack central heating, and below freezing on the hills.

It is the coldest weather in 59 years, senior scientific officer Wong Wai-kin told AFP.

"It is the coldest day since 1957. The daily minimum dropped to 3.3 degrees Celsius, the previous record was 2.4 degrees in February of 1957," he told AFP.

While the is by no means on the scale of the weather now affecting the US and swathes of mainland China, such temperatures are a novelty for many residents.

"It is very cold and windy over Hong Kong. People are advised to put on warm clothes and to avoid prolonged exposure to wintry winds," read a note published on a city government website.

As the mercury dropped, curious residents flocked to higher ground in search of frost, according to local broadcaster Cable TV.

A woman on a viewing deck next to Victoria Harbour in the Tsim Sha Tsui district of Hong Kong keeps warm by wrapping herself a b
A woman on a viewing deck next to Victoria Harbour in the Tsim Sha Tsui district of Hong Kong keeps warm by wrapping herself a blanket
"It's very cold, my feet feel numb," a young visitor to Tai Mo Shan, the highest mountain in Hong Kong, told the broadcaster.

Screenshots of flakes also swamped social media but weather forecasters said the precipitation was "rain with small ice pellets" rather than snow.

About 20 participants of a cross country race were sent to hospital after experiencing symptoms associated with hypothermia, according to local media.

Conditions are not expected to warm up until the middle of the week, said .

According to the Hong Kong Observatory, the coldest occurred in January 1893, when temperatures plunged to 0 C.

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not rated yet Jan 24, 2016
Ah, must be anthropomorphic global cooling, best to adapt the models for that and give a few warnings, like keep your engines on at all times and don't drive electric.
Maybe this will fund my next 'research', do hope it stays cool, they might otherwise find out that I've an oppertunistic nature and my models suck big time (he, I got a new idea, why don't I cross check my model using my model, that's interesting ...).
not rated yet Jan 24, 2016
Funny, I heard the other day that science is mostly the craze of the day.
That couldn't be true is it, 2 + 2 is still eh 4 in any culture, when I add C02 its exact science isn't it. Must be because I'm doing it.
It's really quite simple CO2 explains it all, like economics it can all be captured by one rule: more CO2, more heat, equates to eternal doom for the planet. Why don't people get that, it's so easy, maybe if I explain it again, more slowly and emphasize the 'doom' part.
That worked quite well for the Catholic Church in the Middle Ages.
I'm feeling creative today ...
not rated yet Jan 24, 2016
A former friend told me that 'meta observations' about CS doesn't bode well for the Science part.
I thought it was about his aunt (that's a real bitch) but it was from a more global perspective: like if CO2 causes warming isn't it reasonable to assume that effects will be equally negative and positive; why the 99% negative, isn't that culture (funding) speaking or a lack of imagination, or simply because change is bad bad bad, you bad change ...
I don't like that Meta crap, as if you can say that a science like CS is not mature and should measure the environment - for at least 100 years or so - instead of predicting it with faulty models leaking from every corner.
Couldn't be, did I say we're not friends anymore?
not rated yet Jan 24, 2016
My wife left me, she was sick and tired of my explaining and whining about the climate.
You should do something about it, if you care, instead of replicating the same nonsense over and over again, it's more like a social science, with lots models and ideas floating around but no connection and verification at all. It doesn't help if you explain why your model failed again after the fact instead of predicting something correctly like normal science should, she screamed.
Anyway she said, we won't have children, unlike all other CS entrepreneurs and that will account to some real change for the better instead of ill advice from that big distractor CS (distractor as in asking if God exists).
I was a gobsmacked by this, didn't see it coming, like my models that predict utterly wrong; if only we could wait some more, than maybe I'm right about something again.
not rated yet Jan 24, 2016
But seriously, I do hope no one reads my musings, otherwise the whole CS field might collapse; they might ask serious questions which we cannot answer of course.
I was thinking again about why my wife left me, got the divorce papers today (and it doesn't look good, seems she was a lot more clever than I thought, nah, maybe someone gave her advice); asking me to do something, that's not fair.
I read about a mad Indian 'scientist' (they are all mad if you ask me) who invented a new cooker that should make cooking a lot more efficient and a lot less emitting black carbon (as if not all carbon is black). You ask me, blackening the Himalayas by a few campfires, that couldn't be real.
not rated yet Jan 24, 2016
Someone told me that he wasn't interested in CS and its predictions; its effects are - if they are - only marginal at best even if you forget about the huge prediction margin and 'facts' when you compare them with the error rate, and are irrelevant if you look at the real problems around us.
Real problems I said? What's more real than (the) climate?
He stated that human over population and the total loss of animal habitat and extinction of most species are the real problems of today and we should focus on that.
Of course I wouldn't understand that as a scientist because most are psychopaths and lack morals (when they can).
That isn't true I yelled at him, I do like animals, I even eat them, but humans are of course a lot more important, we can think and feel and really be there.
We are intelligent, that's precious.
Yes he said, so precious that we have 8 billion of them, ransacking and plundering all over the planet, your right, we cannot stand on Zanzibar anymore.
not rated yet Jan 24, 2016
Zanzibar, what the heck is he talking about, must be a literate nutcase, annoying sons of bitches.
Could he be right though? Is CS a non issue? And a distractor? And an excuse for politics that you don't want?
Please help me, I cannot find the answers myself, please.

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