Religion, science often conflict: US public opinion poll

A majority of Americans (59 percent) think that science and religion are often at odds, but the strongest believers are less likely to see conflict, a poll found Thursday.

Evolution and the for the origin of the universe were the most often cited as being in with , said the by the independent Pew Research Center.

The findings were based on 2,000 adults who were questioned by telephone in August 2014.

Just 38 percent of those polled said their beliefs were mostly compatible with science.

The perception that and science conflict was most common among Americans who do not practice religion, with 73 percent of people who rarely or never attend services holding this view.

Half of adults who attend services weekly said science and religion often contradict.

"It is the least religiously observant Americans who are most likely to perceive conflict between science and religion," said the survey.

"This suggests the perception of conflict is rooted in assumptions about other people's beliefs."

The poll also found that 65 percent of US adults believe that humans evolved over time, while 31 percent said they have existed in their current form since the creation of the world.

As to whether churches should weigh in on policy decisions regarding science, the US public is divided. Half of respondents said yes, while 46 percent said churches should keep out of such matters.

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