Twitter looks to broaden access with new home page


Twitter is getting a makeover amid concerns that its user growth is slowing.

The social media platform updated its home page Wednesday, offering visitors the option to click on several popular topics without signing into an account.

Previously, home page visitors were asked to log in to gain access to lists of scrolling tweets.

Now, visitors to can click on a popular topic - whether it's NASCAR drivers and teams, cute animals or pop artists. They will then see a running list of tweets on the topic.

The San Francisco company recently reported strong revenue growth in the fourth quarter, but gains in active monthly users missed even the sober predictions of Wall Street analysts.

In a blog post Wednesday announcing the updated home page, Twitter said it was "making a big change for the many millions of people who visit every month who don't log in, but still want to know what's happening."

Twitter said it's introducing the new feature on U.S. desktops first and plans to roll it out elsewhere in the future.

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