SDO captures images of mid-level solar flares

The sun emitted two mid-level solar flares on March 9, 2015: The first peaked at 7:54 pm EDT and the second at 11:24 pm EDT.

NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory captured images of the flares, which were classified as an M5.8-class and an M5.1-class, respectively.

These were the second and third flares from the same —numbered Active Region 12297—after it rotated over the left side of the sun on March 7.

SDO captures images of mid-level solar flares
NASA's SDO captured images of three mid-level solar flares March 7-9, 2015, all from the same active region on the surface of the sun. This image of the flares shows a wavelength of EUV light that highlights the intense heat of a solar flare and that is typically colorized in teal. Credit: NASA/SDO

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