Poland to search for its famous WWII submarine

Two Polish teams will search this year for the Polish submarine ORP Orzel, which disappeared in the North Sea in May 1940 during a mission with the Allies in World War II.

The two searches will be conducted by the Culture Ministry and the Maritime Museum in the Baltic port of Gdansk.

Built in the Netherlands, ORP Orzel started service in 1939, and fought German ships after Hitler's army invaded Poland Sept. 1, 1939. The vessel was held that month in Tallinn by then-neutral Estonia, but escaped.

Working with the Allies, the submarine then took part in patrol and escort missions for the British navy. On May 23, 1940, it left Rosyth, Scotland, and never returned.

Searches undertaken since 2008 have been unsuccessful.

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Jan 05, 2015
OK.....so where is the article. This announcement is just announcing the project....no further information? No pictures of the original ship? Nothing?

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