Highlights from the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show

January 9, 2015

Here are 10 key highlights from the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show, which wrapped up Friday in Las Vegas:

1. Drones: flying devices in dozens of shapes and sizes made an impact, from the wrist-worn Nixie drone to the AirDog for extreme sports. The proliferation puts pressure on US regulators to create a framework for flying unmanned devices.

2. Advanced TVs: Television manufacturers have finally brought down prices of the latest super-high resolution displays, giving consumers an incentive to upgrade, and showed off technology that goes "beyond 4K," the ultra-high definition system that is growing. Samsung showed a 103-inch bendable display

3. Autos: The latest advances in connected vehicles and autonomous driving made CES an important venue for the auto sector. A prototype Mercedes-Benz took a spin without a driver on the streets of Las Vegas, and Hyundai unveiled a smartwatch that control some car functions.

4. Alternative transport: Several startups showed their new "un-Segway" personal transportation devices, using one, two and three wheels, aiming for greener options for short-distance commutes.

5. Wearables: The "digital coach" employs sensors embedded in garments or in small activity trackers, startups and large firms introduced apps to track activity, oxygen levels and motions such as golf swings, giving professional coaching advice to the amateur athlete. Other wearables included an expanded array of smartwatches and medical wearables that measure body fat or capture brain signals to get a handle on stress.

6. Intel button: Intel made a big push to be at the heart of the two billion items expected to be connected, with a button-sized module called "Curie," aiming to stake its claim to the "Internet of Things."

7. Lifelike robot: The star of the robotics displays, Toshiba's humanoid robot Chihira Aico was so eerily human-like it fooled some showgoers with her facial and hand expressions. She spoke to passersby and sang "Take Me Home, Country Roads."

8. Virtual reality: Technology took another step into a new dimension with new, immersive devices such as the Oculus Rift prototype headset Crescent Bay, and advances in 3D audio.

9. Connected home: Startups and big industrial giants offered new ways to make the home more connected, with smart lightbulbs and door locks, smartphone-controlled security systems and doorbells that monitor entrances.

10. Selfie stick: One of the least expensive devices at the show—as low as $5—was a big hit,with accessory makers capitalizing on the selfie trend with monopods that offer a wider perspective.

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