CES 2015: The connected dog

CES has gone to the dogs.

Live, furry four-legged friends have been ambling around the trade show this week, sporting the latest in GPS tracking collars and other -friendly wearables. Here are some of the Fido-focused innovations we've seen so far:

-Binatone is looking to change the way you interact with your pet with a smartphone for dogs. The Scout 500 Collar features live video streaming, GPS tracking to make sure your dog doesn't exit its safe zone and voice commands so you can talk to your pooch from anywhere, at any time. The collar will be available for just under $200 this summer.

-Petnet(io) is a smart feeder with a personalized approach to feeding your dog or cat. Using sensors and information you input, the $249 feeder assesses the dietary requirements of your pet and creates a custom feeding schedule. It automatically manages feeding times, portion sizes and food dispensing speed, tailored to your pet's age, weight and activity level. You can also control your pet's feedings from your mobile device and adjust feeding schedules remotely.

-Tagg demonstrated a GPS device that attaches to your dog's regular collar. You can define a safe zone around your home and receive text and email alerts when your pet leaves that area. It also monitors your dog's fitness by measuring the amount of activity, and lets you know if your pet is getting 30-60 minutes of recommended activity every day. You can also set goals to keep your pet healthy and collect data to track long-term changes in your pet's behavior.

-The Petcube Camera lets pet owners watch, talk to and play with their pets remotely via smartphone. The 4-by-4-by-4-inch device streams HD 720p video, connects to your home Wi-Fi and has a two-way audio stream through a built-in microphone and speaker. With the Petcube mobile app, you can also share access to your camera so your friends can interact with your pets too. It costs $199.

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