NSA finds no emails from Snowden about wrongdoing

The National Security Agency says so far it can't find any emails from former systems analyst Edward Snowden complaining about wrongdoing or abuse regarding U.S. surveillance programs.

Agency spokeswoman Vanee Vines says the NSA searched for "indications of outreach" and found nothing related to Snowden's claims. The agency only found an April 2013 email from Snowden to the general counsel's office seeking an explanation about material in a training course.

Snowden has said that he acted as a whistle-blower when he disclosed classified details about the government's post-9/11 surveillance programs. The government has rebuffed that claim and charged him with three offenses.

Snowden first reached out to journalists anonymously in January 2013, more than three months before he sent the email to the general counsel's office about the .

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