Tunguska, 1908: Russia's greatest cosmic mystery

An image obtained on March 9, 2005 from NASA shows the Meteor Crater in Arizona
An image obtained on March 9, 2005 from NASA shows the Meteor Crater in Arizona. The stunning burning-up of a meteor over Russia on Friday that unleashed a shockwave injuring hundreds of people appears to be the country's most dramatic cosmic experience since the historic Tunguska Event of June 1908.

The stunning burning-up of a meteor over Russia on Friday that unleashed a shockwave injuring hundreds of people appears to be the country's most dramatic cosmic experience since the historic Tunguska Event of June 1908.

The Tunguska Event was an explosion that went off in a remote region in Siberia on June 30, 1908, near the river Podkamennaya Tunguska in the north of current Krasnoyarsk region.

Most scientists believe it was caused by a massive meteorite, an asteroid or even a comet although the failure to find fragments from the impact created a mystery that has spawned sometimes endless theories.

The few people closest to the supposed impact area of the Tunguska meteorite were the indigenous Evenki hunters.

Assuming the crater was caused by an impact from space, the body estimated as being of up 70 metres in diameter caused a seismic wave and lit the sky above Siberia for several days.

The sound of its impact was heard about a thousand kilometres away and the overall effect knocked people and livestock off their feet.

However, some theories suggest that there was in fact no rock, because no fragments of it were ever found. One of such theories looks at the possible escape of methane gas from the ground.

The incident remains a source of multiple wilder hypotheses, ranging from an encounter with a black hole, a landing of a UFO or experiments by the celebrated physicist and inventor Nikola Tesla thousands of kilometres away in New York.

The event still tickles the imagination of Russians and is a tourist attraction for those bold enough to make it to the Podkamennaya Tunguska area.

Black and white early photos taken around the supposed impact area show fallen taiga, which the first explorers measured to spread out from the epicentre for up to 30 kilometres.

The remoteness of the swampy Tunguska area, and the fact that Russia was enveloped in several wars and the Bolshevik Revolution in the early 20th century, meant that only a limited number of people managed to travel there.

The first scientist who ventured to look for the meteorite was mineralogist Leonid Kulik, who made several expeditions, starting in 1927, scavenging for metal remains over hundreds of kilometres in extreme conditions precipitated by lack of money and constant illnesses in the team.

Despite digging and draining scores of apparent craters, nothing resembling a meteorite was recovered.

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Feb 15, 2013
There was indeed the Tunguska catastrophe in which those space travellers suffered a break down and exploded their large ship in the air because it could not be repaired again.
Ptaah The great space ship which at that time suffered a breakdown and was destroyed, out of which the so-called Tunguska event resulted, belonged to a people who live in a distant galaxy in your space-time configuration.
Christianity, however, which was brought to their home worlds by some of their space travellers and which quickly spread out, led to grave religious wars.
When then, finally, order could again be created, the space traveland which quickly spread out, led to grave religious wars.When then, finally, order could again be created, the space travellers were forbidden to make any further penetrations into the terrestrial space.So, for several months, the space ship lay with grave technical damage hidden in the Tunguska region whereby a larger number of space travelers mixed, unrecognized, a

Feb 15, 2013
among the Earth humans, far from the hiding place, and sexually engaged with them which resulted in many of them becoming sick with syphilis and, with the return to their space ship, also infecting many others with it. That had very evil results for the space travelers because very quickly, as a result of their constitutional difference, dangerous mutations of the disease arose which, just as quickly, expanded to a plague-like disease and epidemic which cost many their lives.

Feb 15, 2013
They could not expect help from the home world because, according to the old determination, it was forbidden for them to approach the Earth. Apart from that, other extraterrestrials were stationed on the Earth - namely us and our confederates - who were prohibited, by the government of the home world, from helping the space travelers. Consequently we had to hold ourselves to our directives.Therefore, only self-destruction remained for the Earth strangers as their determination demanded, consequently they built an atom bomb, brought the space ship to a height in the atmosphere which was still possible and thenand then caused it to fall in order to then ignite the bomb.
Through the mighty explosion the great space ship was completely ripped apart and torn to pieces whereby the monstrous explosion transformed practically the whole ship, and the entire remaining crew of 4387 humans, into dust and ash. futureofmankind.co.uk/Billy_Meier/FIGU_Bulletin_059

Feb 15, 2013
Why show Meteor Crater when photos of ground zero of the Tunguska Event exist and are far more dramatic in my opinion

Feb 16, 2013
marqvan-your elegant prose reads like a beginning of a fine science fiction tale...I like the notion that Nikola Tesla may have had something to do with it...The mystery is fascinatinf much like the cosmic coincidence of yesterdays meteorite impact and shock wave phenomena happening in a built up area on the very day that a large asteroid and the earth passed each other...i suspect there is a belt of asteroids spining around the sun in a similar plane as the asteroid we all were aware of yesterday and probably in opposite directions so it likely wasn't coincidental but our priests of science decided to keep this bit of knowledge in their arcane sphere to avoid any more anxiety then already existed..Quite the powerful event though..

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