Missing Pacific island riddle solved, researcher says

December 3, 2012
Aussie scientists un-discover Pacific island
The supposed 'Sandy Island' as seen on Google Earth.

A New Zealand researcher Monday claimed to have solved the riddle of a mystery South Pacific island shown on Google Earth and world maps which does not exist, blaming a whaling ship from 1876.

The phantom landmass in the is shown as Sandy Island on Google Earth and Google maps and is supposedly midway between Australia and the French-governed New Caledonia.

The Times Atlas of the World appears to identify it as Sable Island, but according to who went searching last month during a geological expedition it could not be found.

Intrigued, Shaun Higgins, a researcher at Auckland Museum, started investigating and claimed it never existed, with a whaling ship the source of the original error.

"As far as I can tell, the island was recorded by the whaling ship the Velocity," Higgins told ABC radio, adding that the ship's master reported a series of "heavy breakers" and some "sandy islets".

"My supposition is that they simply recorded a hazard at the time. They might have recorded a low-lying reef or thought they saw a reef. They could have been in the wrong place. There is all number of possibilities," he said.

"But what we do have is a dotted shape on the map that's been recorded at that time and it appears it's simply been copied over time."

This November 22, 2012 photo illustration shows a computer screen displaying the Google Maps location of Sandy Island, which Australian scientists said last month did not exist. It now appears to have been removed from Google Maps.

News of the invisible island sparked debate on social media at the time, with tweeters pointing out that Sandy Island was also on Yahoo Maps as well as Bing Maps.

On abovetopsecret.com, discussions were robust with one poster claiming he had confirmed with the French hydrographic office that it was indeed a phantom island and was supposed to have been removed from charts in 1979.

told AFP last month it always welcomed feedback on maps and "continuously explore(s) ways to integrate new information from our users and authoritative partners into ".

It appears that Sandy Island has now been taken off its .

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1 / 5 (4) Dec 03, 2012
My question that no source has touched on is. Why the black out on what is there? What is actually being hidden?
1 / 5 (4) Dec 03, 2012
When I zoomed in on it I thought its outline resembled a huge aircraft carrier. It's obvious something is there they blacked out.
3.3 / 5 (7) Dec 03, 2012
Coverup and Conspiracy.

This so called non-existent island is actually the base of operations of the Illuminati and their bigfoot brothers in crime.

I know this is true cause I done did read it on a ConservaTard blog run by a scientist janitor from Texas.
not rated yet Dec 03, 2012
Didn't Dr Doolittle have something to do with all this?
3.7 / 5 (3) Dec 03, 2012
A phantom island - Humm.... Lovecraft, the chapter "Madness from the Sea" from The call of Cthulhu. I'm just saying....
1 / 5 (2) Dec 03, 2012
There's a long history going back centuries of mariners recording the locations of newly discovered islands which others've subsequently reported as being absent/non-existent only for still others to subsequently claim they've rediscovered them.

Contrary to the opinion of most landlubbers mariners're not the tall tale tellers or fools which's so often used to explain away many of their odder accounts.

They've always lived and died on being able to trust their own senses and each other's data.

Centuries old accounts of gigantic waves and glowing seas mocked as superstitious nonsense've subsequently been vindicated.

Islands which disappear then reappear may prove to be accounts of some as yet unsupected phenomenon.
not rated yet Dec 08, 2012
Isn't this the island where Oceanic Flight 815, a flight from Sidney to Los Angeles crashed? As we know from the TV show Lost, the island keeps moving. To find the island, you have to go to the Darhma Initiative Lampost station located under a church in Los Angeles to determine the current location.
Hot Rod
not rated yet Dec 09, 2012
It may be the same island that Jules Verne used in some of his novels, check out 'Maria Theresia Island' and 'Tabor Island'.

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