Urgent need for climate change adaptation in Lake Eyre region

Urgent need for climate change adaptation in Lake Eyre region
Lake Eyre. Photo from Flickr.

(Phys.org) -- The first stage of University of Adelaide research released today shows that South Australia's Arabunna country, which includes Lake Eyre in the far north, is likely to get both drier and hotter in decades to come.

"Temperatures could increase up to four degrees Celsius in Arabunna country in the next century, threatening the survival of many ," says the author of the report, Dr John Tibby from the University of Adelaide's Discipline of Geography, Environment and Population.

"My report suggests that the climate may change in a series of 'jumps' rather than in a gradual manner, hence the need to make plans to adapt to this risk," Dr Tibby says.

"If the climate does change as predicted it will have major impacts on Arabunna country, its people and culture, meaning they will have to adapt to these changes," says Dr Melissa Nursey-Bray, lead researcher with the University of Adelaide's Arabunna Country Community-Based Adaptation to project.

"To work out how to adapt, a collaboration between traditional owners and university researchers has been established to identify culturally appropriate adaptation options, allowing both Indigenous and Western expertise to help inform the plan."

Mr Aaron Stuart, Chairman of the Arabunna Ularaka Association, says: "Arabunna people live in a vast area and we expect to find a wide range of , such as damage to culturally significant sites from an increase in and , and changes to rainfall could impact upon the supply of bush foods and medicines.

"This process will help my people identify risks to our country and culture whilst helping Western researchers learn from our experience of adapting to change over time," he says.

The initiative is funded by the National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility and will help set standards for climate change adaptation plans that are relevant to Australia's .

The full Arabunna Ularaka Association has travelled to Adelaide to take part in the formal launch of the research report, Climate Change Projections for Arabunna Population Centres.

The final report will be published in February 2013.

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Jun 28, 2012
Climate change was a feeding frenzy of scientific exaggeration.
Why wont the scientists warning us of doom condemn their own kids as well as ours and act like its the crisis they say it is? There are MILLIONS of people in the global scientific community and their families that do not act like they are doomed as well.

Jun 28, 2012
They do violence to the term "urgent" here.

Jun 28, 2012
What these environmentalists did for urgent implementation of cold fusion, which would enable the desalination of marine water and the saving of lakes like this one? Without reliable energy substitution we can only follow the consequences of fossil fuel energetics.

Jun 29, 2012
As Willis Eschenbach points out at Watts Up With That, temperatures in this area have been falling since 2005, and there is no sign of the fall levelling off. When is this ridiculous scare-mongering going to stop? Oh, I know -- when the funding runs out.

Jun 29, 2012
Environmentalism is fundamentalist religion of the worst kind.
This article is extremist propaganda and is rebutted here http://wattsupwit...vidence/
from the thread
"IQs will drop sharply in the University of Adelaides faculty of Geography, Environment and Population in the next century, threatening the survival of science, if students continue to be taught by Chicken Little, aka Dr John Tibby."

Jun 29, 2012
Environmental fundamentalists are basically Malthusians who believe we need to depopulate the plant. How many people (besides me) do you want to kill Vendicar?

Jun 29, 2012
Oh and another thing. This wouldn't be you Vendicar?
Ever hear this guy say something like, "The only good Republican is a
dead Republican." Or how about, "torture Bush, execute Bush." Or
"shoot a Republican today!" Well, it seems Vendicar has finally gone
too far. Not only has Google vowed to boot him from Usenet, but
Canadian authorites are rapidly closing in on him. Apparently he has
been operating a terrorist cell just across the border in Canada.
Surprise surprise, the guy is from Palestine. Others have claimed his
real name is Scott Nudds aka Scott Douglas, dubbed VD Nudds. My guess
its more like Achmed. Whoever and whatever he is, enjoy his felonious
postings while you can. He is about to become history on Usenet.

Jun 29, 2012
Is this you Vendi? Scott Nudds? A janitor?

"Wow.... we have a guy using the name Scott Nudds (Scott Douglas)
(Vendicar Decarian etc. etc. )
posting to the alt.global-warming group, and possibly others. The
American that ran away to Canada, working as a janitor at a school in
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

Apparently he got arrested once or twice for threats to one of the
Bush presidents of the U.S. and the Canadian R.C.M.P. police picked
him up for their friends in U.S. security.

Is he out of prison and back posting again ? ?"

Jun 30, 2012
There are four satellites that circle the earth 24/7. They measure the earths lower atmospheric temperature accurately to less than one tenth of one degree. There has been no global warming for over the last 10 years, despite huge increases in Co2 emissions.

Dr John Tibby suggests that the climate may change in a series of 'jumps' rather than in a gradual manner, hence the need to make plans to adapt to this risk.
When the theories and catastrophic predictions fail warmists invent new ones.

These warmists make it up as they go along. Shame on you Dr Tibby, but I guess if you disagree with your masters you wont be putting food on the table next week. The actual Lower Troposphere temperature change in the Lake Eyre Region is currently the lowest temperature readings since satellite readings commenced in 1975.

Jul 02, 2012
I'm pretty sure the region's population is something like 3 people and a dog.

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