Research: Millennials rarely interact with brands on Facebook

April 24, 2012, Pennsylvania State University
Research: Millennials rarely interact with brands on Facebook

( -- Millennials rarely visit brand pages on Facebook even after they become their “fan.”

That’s what research by Marcia DiStaso, an assistant professor of public relations in the College of Communications at Penn State, Tina McCorkindale, an assistant professor of communications at Appalachian State University, and Hillary Fussell Sisco, an assistant professor of public relations in the School of Communications at Quinnipiac University found. The results of their work were presented during the International Public Relations Research Conference.

The three researchers surveyed 18- to 29-year-old participants on the three university campuses and found 86 percent of the millennials access Facebook every day and 75 percent have “liked” an organization.

However, while millennials might initially connect with an organization, 69 percent percent of respondents reported they rarely or never visit those pages again.

“And, while building a relationship is difficult, breaking up can come easily,” DiStaso said. “Forty-two percent have left a Facebook group or fan page. This group is particularly difficult for organizations to reach, even if 17 percent admit to accepting friend requests from strangers.”

Among other findings, 57 percent of millennials access with a mobile device rather than a computer and 44 percent have donated, joined or supported a cause on the social media site. Millennials were more likely to respond to discounts, product samples or invitations from organizations that include “fun” applications or games.

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