New study suggests gender gap around homophobic bullying

A new study from Educational and Psychological Measurement (published by SAGE) found that when it comes to homophobic bullying, there could be a gender gap. While male victims are more likely to be bullied by male homophobic bullies, female victims are bullied by both males and females equally. Additionally, those surveyed for the research reported hearing a low number of verbal homophobic remarks towards gay men compared to other forms of non-verbal homophobic bullying.

"One explanation may be that verbal forms of homophobic toward (supposed) … have been the most frequent and, therefore, may be perceived as 'normal,'" wrote Author Gabriele Prati.

Using a survey of 863 public high school students, Prati obtained data from bullies of students who were perceived to be lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender (LGBT), witnesses of homophobic bullying incidents, and the actual victims themselves. Ten percent of the students surveyed were classified as homophobic bullies because they reported engaging in bullying behavior based on sexual prejudice at least once a week. 3.5% of students were considered victims of homophobic bullying because they were harassed by homophobic aggressors at least once a week.

The study also created a new tool called the Homophobic Bullying Scale. The scale records and measures all forms of bullying motivated by homophobia beyond just the traditional name-calling. The Homophobic Bullying Scale includes physical bullying, property bullying, sexual harassment, cyber-bullying, and relational bullying such as spreading rumors and giving the silent treatment. The researcher found that previous tools that measured incidents of bullying in general could not capture the nuances of homophobia specifically.

"The use of measures not specifically designed for homophobic bullying may underestimate it," wrote Prati. "The items of the Homophobic Bullying Scale were created to measure high school students' bullying behaviors motivated by homophobia, including verbal bullying."

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More information: The article "Development and Psychometric Properties of the Homophobic Bullying Scale" by Gabriele Prati in Educational and Psychological Measurement (EPM) is available free for a limited time at: … 440169.full.pdf+html
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Apr 26, 2012
A lot of mothers (!) are trying to turn their unwanted (!) sons into gays by feeding them their estrogen and progesterone laden birth control pills, because they know when it is right to use them for their intended purpose, and when it is okay to mess with them for their own agenda. They like to go to their gynecologists for a, "more detailed examination", plus birth control pill prescriptions so that they can continue to mess with the heads of the guys they married, which they did just to meet the status quo of their peer group. That's the sad reality of life, that legislation actually exists to accommodate their mothers' perverse natures.

Apr 26, 2012
I've been in China for 4.5 years, so i dont know much about this phenomenon, but i remember when i was a kid, we would tease people all the time, using their alleged gayness as a target. When i was a kid, i didn't really think much about the gays, and just accepted them because i had other priorities. Especially being from California, particularly near San Francisco, i just decided i didnt want to think about that issue. but recently i feel like, is it really right? Is it really ok to be gay? and furthermore, why must i accept that gay is right? I feel that families are so important and that men's minds and bodies are formed for the purpose of fatherhood, and detracting from that is like two gears with an imperfect fit. it just grinds them down. Why dont people feel like gays are like smokers who have political momentum? And why am i bad for thinking so? The burden of proof is on the gays. And just dont say that i am intolerant. I can have my feelings. i wasnt abusive.

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