Tenerife island landscape reveals explosive past

October 2, 2011
Pablo Dávila-Harris looks at part of the huge landslide deposit discovered on Tenerife, showing the chaotic and shattered rubble from the collapsed volcano. (The central dark debris-block is about 15 meters in diameter and must weigh many tons). Credit: Pablo Dávila-Harris

Volcanologists from the University of Leicester have uncovered one of the world's best-preserved accessible examples of a monstrous landslide that followed a huge volcanic eruption on the Canarian island of Tenerife.

Seven hundred and thirty-three thousand years ago, the southeast slopes of Tenerife collapsed into the sea, during the . The onshore remains of this have just been discovered amid the canyons and ravines of Tenerife's desert landscape by Pablo Dávila-Harris and Mike Branney of the University of Leicester's Department of Geology.

The findings have been published in this October's edition of the international journal Geology. The research was funded by CONACYT, Mexico.

Dr Branney said: "It is one of the world's best-preserved accessible examples of such an awesome phenomenon, because the debris from such landslides mostly spreads far across the deep ocean floor, inaccessible for close study.

"The beautifully-displayed Tenerife rubble includes blocks of rapidly chilled lava, added as the volcano erupted. Radioactive minerals within them enabled the researchers' colleague, Michael Storey at Roskilde University, Denmark, to provide such a precise date for this natural catastrophe.

"Climate change is often invoked as a trigger for ocean-island landslides, but in this case it seems that a growing dome of hot lava triggered the landslide by pushing the side of the volcano outwards.

"In the shattered landscape that remained, lakes formed as rivers were dammed by debris, and the change to the shape of the island altered the course of explosive volcanic eruptions for hundreds of thousands of years afterwards."

The researchers state that such phenomena are common but infrequent, and understanding them is vital, for their effects go far beyond a single ocean island. Tsunamis generated from such events may travel to devastate coastlines thousands of miles away.

"Understanding the Earth's more violent events will help us be prepared, should repeat performances threaten," they state.

Explore further: First detailed underwater survey of huge volcanic flank collapse deposits

More information: Dávila Harris, P., Branney, M.J. & Storey, M. 2011. Large eruption-triggered ocean-island landslide at Tenerife: Onshore record and long-term effects on hazardous pyroclastic dispersal. Geology 39, 951-954.

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1 / 5 (10) Oct 02, 2011
Terrestrial and solar explosive events are beyond Big Brother's control.

WikiLeaks exposed [1] the Trojan Horse and SPACE.com revealed the truth about Earth's heat source:


Environmentalism was a Trojan Horse we welcomed unaware that science [2,3] would be sacrificed for:

Redistribution of wealth [1] under a one-world government.


A. The Great Reality [4] is greater than dogmatic science.
B. Communion is greater than dogmatic communism.
C. God is much greater than any dogmatic religion.
D. Cowards hide under various dogmatic cloaks.

Regretfully it took me forty years (1971-2011) to decipher this.

1. www.nature.com/ne...20110929

2. www.nature.com/na...9a0.html

3. www.omatumr.com/a...nces.pdf

4. www.youtube.com/w...vJiyeLIo

With kind regards,
Oliver K. Manuel
4.2 / 5 (5) Oct 02, 2011
thats garbage oliver, those articles doesnt support you in any way. do you have no shame? looking at your past obviously not.
not rated yet Oct 03, 2011
are we getting our "omars" mixed up??
1 / 5 (6) Oct 03, 2011
It is a dangerous world when world leaders, Al Gore, and the UN's IPCC believe they control Reality [1] instead of being controlled by Reality.

1. Carl Gustav Boberg, "The Great Reality" (1885)
not rated yet Oct 03, 2011
are we getting our "omars" mixed up??

what do you mean?
3.7 / 5 (3) Oct 03, 2011
The Spammer strikes again. How many threads this time?

Space.com did no such thing. That article did not support you in anyway. For that matter neither have you.

So just how do Neutron Stars form when neutron repulsion is alleged by you to be so powerful that it stops Black Holes from forming no matter how large the mass?

Ignoring the question won't magically make you right Oliver. The ideas are contradictory and I bet even the Plasma Universe Cranks can see that now that it has been pointed out.

1 / 5 (3) Oct 03, 2011
I wonder how much you get for saying climate change causes landslides?
1 / 5 (1) Oct 04, 2011
Oliver, do you not know of phase 2 of the plan? see kissinger and nixon knew about neutron repulsion and it being the main source of the suns and the universes power but chairman mao did not. as the world all followed their lead in the conspiracy they said it was to prevent nuclear war. however under the guise of that the united states had different reasons. as the climatoligists/scientists destroy our economy and power while funneling money to third world nations for supportung the scam the chinese will soon grow too strong and overpopulated for anyone but the us to even have a chance of stopping the chinese from taking over the world, at that moment neutron repulsion will be officially "discovered" and cheap easy neutron repulsion energy will be used both to power production of weapons and supplies and as weapons of mass destruction themselves in neutron repulsion bombs. saving the united states and allowing us to finally take over the whole world without looking like the bad guys...

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