Russia believes US, Israel behind Iran worm attack: official

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad visits a uranium enrichment facility
A photo released by the official website of Iran's presidency shows Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad during a visit to Natanz uranium enrichment facilities in 2008.

Russia believes Israel and the United States were responsible for unleashing the malicious Stuxnet computer worm on Iran's nuclear programme last year, a top official said Friday.

"We are seeing attempts of cyberspace being used by some states to act against others -- of it being used for political-military purposes," said the foreign ministry's emerging challenges and threats department chief Ilya Rogachyov.

"The only case in which experts believe the actions of states have been proven in this area ... is the Stuxnet system that was launched in 2010 against the centrifuge control system used to enrich uranium in Iran," he said.

"Experts believe that traces of this lead back to the actions of Israel and the United States," Rogachyov told reporters. "This is the only proven case of actual cyber-warfare."

Most of the Stuxnet infections have been discovered in Iran, giving rise to speculation it was intended to sabotage nuclear facilities there. The worm was crafted to recognize the system it was to attack.

Tehran has also blamed Israel and the United States for the killing of two of its nuclear scientists in November and January.

Russia picked up the construction of Iran's first from Germany in the 1990s and the unit was hooked up to the power for the first time this month.

Worried by the rapid rise of advanced technology, Moscow has spent several years pushing the United Nations into adopting new for the that prohibit countries from engaging in so-called cyber-warfare.

"We are categorically against this opportunity being secured in some sort of international agreements," said the foreign ministry official.

"We believe that the international community must agree on certain principles of establishing national jurisdiction over cyberspace."

The United States has in turn only supported initiatives that help protect the physical safety of communications cable used by the Internet, Rogachyov said.

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Sep 23, 2011
Well, obviously! Who doesn't believe this?

Sep 23, 2011
Yeah, i thought this was established fairly definitively already. I believe it was the New York Times had a piece laying it out in detail.

In other news, the US and Israel think Ahmadinejad is a douche bag.

Sep 24, 2011
If Israel and/or the United States had to use cyber warfare to stop a regime bent on destroying the nation of Israel, then I'm glad they did it. No one will succeed at destroying God's chosen people. 483years . blogspot . com

I believe your ancient scribes made a serious error. It should have read:"God's Chosen Sacrificial Lambs." We all know God loves sacrificial lambs that were offered to him regularly.

Sep 24, 2011
If Iran would have done this to Israel, or the US, it would have been considered an Act of War!
Apparently their G_D does not believe in "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you".

Sep 24, 2011
Thats alot of god talk there...let be real and cut the fantasy world. Iran is a country who breeds and supports all kinds of acts of violence if it fits their goals

How is Israel, USA or Russia any different? They aren't. Most of the violence from middle east towards Americans is generated by Americans themselves. Wouldn't you be mad when a terrorist group got Billions of dollars in your country?
They have the right to the technological power, however it should be supervised by nations that know how to use it

Wow, just wow. How competent are we with nuclear radiation? We aren't.

And these lists are small, trust me there is a lot more nuclear "accidents", but i cant find the list right now.

Sep 24, 2011
only we send real soldiers to use primarily real tactics, not dirty underhanded fighting tactics of a coward

So Americans coordinating the rebels in Libya is not a dirty tactic of a coward? Running over innocents with convoys is not tactics of a coward? Using radioactive ammo. Bombing innocents. Etc? Let me guess you are a delusional American and your country is the best in the world.
the others are just pissed they couldnt come with.

Please do not speak for other people, you have no idea what these people had to go through with, and neither do i, fortunately.
Yes there will ALWAYS be accidents with nuclear power, no matter what the country

So what makes you thik iranians will be less competent than others?
but Iran does NOT have the technical expertise to handle this

That is why they have russian contractors.

Sep 24, 2011
David Tiffany is likely part of Hasbara (there are always lots of new profiles on stories like this, making similar remarks)...state-sponsored spam and propaganda... best to ignore crappola like his.

Re: nuclear power - seems to me that we've had some rather dramatic examples of how it can backfire...guess the planet just isn't that important, despite the fact that we need to live on it. It would not be beyond the US/Israel to sabotage Iran's and contaminate more of Earth with radioactive material.

Sep 24, 2011
There is no moral equivalency wrt to Iran and the west as stupid liberals always attempt to pull out of their arse. Iran will not be allowed to get nuclear weapons. The Stuxnet is a nice way of saying hell no.

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