Enrique Iglesias spices up Zynga's 'CityVille'

(AP) -- Pop stars are lining up to make their debut in Facebook games from online game maker Zynga.

First came Dr. Dre and Lady Gaga. Next week, an avatar of singer Enrique Iglesias will join "CityVille," Zynga's most popular title.

Starting Tuesday, "CityVille" players on Facebook will be able to interact with Iglesias's character when he visits their cities. Starting Tuesday, they'll get to collect items the singer is known for and watch previews of his newest music video.

Iglesias says the game tie-in helps him connect with younger fans in new ways.

The tie-ins began in 2010, when "Mafia Wars" players could unlock Dr. Dre-inspired items and stream a of his. This year, released new songs on "FarmVille."

The Iglesias promotion runs through Oct. 10.

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