Cuban asks Obama, Google chief for free Internet

Cuban folk star Silvio Rodriguez
Cuban folk star Silvio Rodriguez, pictured in 2010, urged US President Barack Obama and Google CEO Eric Schmidt on Monday to provide free Internet to developing countries.

Cuban folk star Silvio Rodriguez urged US President Barack Obama and Google CEO Eric Schmidt on Monday to provide free Internet to developing countries.

"It's a simple proposal: the world is very unequal, and a lot of pain could be avoided with action that could turn into a worldwide qualitative step forward," Rodriguez said in a blog post at

"I am sure that it is something within reach of privileged minds (and budgets).

"So you owners of the Internet and President Obama: build a satellite network to give free Internet to the developing world," wrote the 63-year-old singer.

Earlier this month, the Americas' only communist government hailed a new undersea fiber optic cable connecting it to socialist ally Venezuela as a blow to the decades-old US embargo.

Despite the revamped access, authorities say Internet use will be limited to "social" purposes and that priority would be given to a limited set of users in universities and other educational institutions.

Deputy Minister of Information Jorge Luis Perdomo insisted earlier this month that "there is no political obstacle" to Internet access in Cuba.

But the opposition and dissidents charge the government is imposing ideological restrictions that aim to maintain authorities' control on sources of information and expression.

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Feb 22, 2011

Let's provide free services to foreign nations, most of whom would rather see us dead, but don't provide for our own people and our own services.

Yall can get free internet...right after WE get free internet, you jackass. We, Americans, invented the damn thing, and we don't even have free internet.

Feb 22, 2011
As usual your comments are unsubstantiated opinion.

Most foreign nations would rather see us dead?

Nowhere in the USA is there free internet access available? (have you checked out your local library?)

Americans invented only a small portion of what we call the internet.

If i'm not mistaken (and of course i could be) but did not the internet play a large role in helping egyptians organize, obtain information, and form opinions that directly lead to their recent move towards a truer democracy?

I'm also sure that the request for funds was asked of google, and the request for permission to lift the embargo for these technology issues went to the president.

Then again it's easier to yell and call people asking a question "Jackasses" and not really think about the larger issues.

Feb 22, 2011

An informed and communicating Earth is in the best interest of the USA.

Why are you being blindly selfish? Have you ever lived outside the US? Ever even traveled off of N. America? If not, your opinion on these types of geo-social issues is nearly worthless. You lack the proper perspective. ..... or you are just a closed-minded world traveler. Rare, but still annoying.

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