Intel Working on Black Box for Smart Cars

July 5, 2010 by John Messina, weblog

An electrical car with Intel Connected Car applications sits on display at the Intel Research Day in Mountain View, California Credit: Kim White
( -- Intel revealed their aircraft-style black box last week at their research showcase in Santa Clara, California. The device can send video footage of driver's behavior during an accident to the police and insurance company.

An electrical car is being developed by Intel Researchers that will record information about the vehicle's speed, steering and braking as well as record from outside and inside the vehicle. The information would then be sent to the police and in the event of an accident. This would make it easier for insurance companies to determine who caused the accident and who’s at fault.

Intel has been talking to car manufactures about designing cars that would be connected to the internet all the time using various wireless technologies. Other safety features include:

• On-board that can recognize street signs and take over control of the car if the motorist drives down the street the wrong way up a one-way street.

• Sensors will monitor road conditions and be able to detect pot holes in the road and report their location to road maintenance establishment.

• Track all surrounding vehicles and alert the driver if they get too close to another vehicle or try to change lanes when another vehicle is in their .

• Motorist will also be able to use their mobile phone to lock or un-lock their car, turn on the alarm and even start the engine, all remotely.

At the research showcase held by Intel in Santa Clara, California, Justin Ratner, the director of Intel Laboratories and chief technology officer, said: "We are looking at a whole range of enhancements that will improve the driving experience, safety and security of vehicles.”

"The intelligent vehicle is what we are talking about here. Once a car is connected, more or less on a continuous basis, all sorts of interesting possibilities present themselves.”

"With vision systems on cars, it is perfectly reasonable for a on its own to see the sign that says 'wrong way' or 'do not enter' and bring the vehicle to a halt at the side of the road so we don't have these senseless accidents where someone has failed to recognize a sign.”

has begun talking to highway maintenance departments about using sensors in their smart cars to report the GPS coordinates of pot holes in the road to the maintenance department.

Insurance companies would also welcome this new technology as it would help them speed up the claim process and reimburse insurers for the damages.

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not rated yet Jul 05, 2010
Intel seems to be assuming that the car's computer would be flawless in judging when it sees a no-go sign. Like the Volvo automatic braking system, that stopped the car alright - by smashing it against the obstacle.

The first thing I would do is walk up to an interstate and pitch up a "Dead end" sign, and watch thousands of cars screech to a halt automatically.

The system has the same basic flaw which prevents car manufacturers from making a completely drive-by-wire car: when the electronics inevitably fail, it's nice to have a mechanical linkage that connects the steering to the wheels and the brake pedal to the brake pads.
not rated yet Jul 05, 2010
Now this is what I'm talking about. We need this installed in every vehicle immediately so we can PREVENT crime and senseless accidents, rather than simply responding after the fact.

Open container? Ha, busted!

I would have loved to have this technology in my car a few months back, as I was falsely accused of a crime and had no way to defend myself. The police didn't have any evidence so they couldn't press the issue, but my reputation was ruined because of it. Total surveillance would have proven that I was innocent and was set up by some jealous people who just wanted to ruin my reputation.

I want cameras and recorders on every street corner and in every public place possible. I'm sick of all the murder and rape prostitution, trafficking and abuses, robberies, drunk driving and drugs. We have the technology now. It is high time we begin a campaign of crime prevention and accident prevention, rather than just response.
not rated yet Jul 05, 2010

Install beacons in street signs. So then with a combination of maps, GPS and on-site beacons, the car can't make such a silly mistake.
5 / 5 (1) Jul 05, 2010
Whats next black boxes in our houses? I shudder to think of Quantum_Conundrum's world, who is clearly paranoid enough without camera's everywhere. QC I am sure your reputation was deserved long before police involvement. However I do support your right to your opinion. Now here is mine, Ayn Rand said it best.
"There's no way to rule innocent men. The only power any government has is the power to crack down on criminals. Well, when there aren't enough criminals one makes them. One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking laws. Who wants a nation of law-abiding citizens? What's there in that for anyone?."
1 / 5 (1) Jul 05, 2010

You are a joke. Do you have any idea how many murders, rapes, hit and runs, and thefts go unsolved each year? LOTS.

And by the way, I was falsely accused of a very serious crime, but the charges were dropped because the police knew it was false. But that didn't stop me from getting expelled from school because of it, in spite of my perfect attendance and straight As average. I told the dean I was being set up and requested permission to use a recording device to protect myself, and I was denied that right. Then a couple weeks later they expelled me for no reason other than some liars falsely accused me just because they could.

So shove it guy. Hope it never happens to my worst enemy, who ever that is.

By the way, I have no criminal record and would never in a million years do anything like what I was falsely accused of.
1 / 5 (1) Jul 05, 2010
Now this is what I'm talking about. We need this installed in every vehicle immediately so we can PREVENT crime and senseless accidents, rather than simply responding after the fact.

Open container? Ha, busted!

My thoughts EXACTLY. I'm tired of watching society pretend like the rules are for everyone but themselves. I want every crime immediately recorded and punished. I really don't feel threatened by this tech. Just keep cameras out of your house, that's it. Gang member flashes gun, computer vision and cameras detect face, cross check database for license, no license, police cruiser with cameras mounted on top scans neighborhood and apprehends criminal. 3 minutes max.
1 / 5 (1) Jul 06, 2010
What we REALLY need is a SuperTaser mounted in each vehicle and in each human habitation. When you transgress, ZZZAAAPPPP! Instant vaporization! Al murderers, thieves, rapists, oppressors and users of bad language will be no more. Then those even with bad thoughts can be eliminated, and a perfect world will result! The setter of these standards is a person to be named later.
My name Jose' Jima'nez
5 / 5 (1) Jul 06, 2010
Who is going to accept a vehicle that has a video camera recording their behavior in their own car? What is to prevent the car owners from removing the camera, and disabling the recording device?

Does Intel also assume that the laws of all 50 states be changed to allow 1984 style recording and subject owners to continual invasions of privacy and these recording used to prosecute them in court? I wouldn't invest too heavily in this nonsense, Intel, at least not in the USA.

Maybe our friends in the UK are more suitable for this kind of cattle-control.
not rated yet Jul 11, 2010
Bravo, Arkaleus

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