Motorola Introduces H17txt -- New Text-To-Speech Bluetooth Headset

Motorola Introduces H17txt -- New Text-To-Speech Bluetooth Headset

Motorola today announced H17txt with MotoSpeak, a Bluetooth headset designed to keep you connected and responsible - on and off the road.

The new headset was created to optimize the text-to-speech technology and experience, which, when paired with an application, reads text messages (SMS) into the headset, in real time. Plus, you have the added ability to customize an automated response and automatically enable text-to-speech when the headset is powered on.

H17txt with MotoSpeak will be available starting April 1 through .

Customers can download the text-to-speech application to their from multiple application stores, including Android Market, by simply searching for “MotoSpeak.” Users can enable the application on their and, when paired with H17txt with MotoSpeak, automatically hear their text messages through their headset.

In addition to quickly and clearly converting text-to-speech, additional features include:

• Easy on: Text messages will automatically be played over your H17txt with MotoSpeak every time your headset is activated.

• Incoming text message sender ID: Always be in the know about who in your phonebook is trying to text you without having to take your hands off the wheel with sender ID announcements.

• Auto-response message: Determine if you want to send an automated text message to callers informing them that you are driving and will call back when available or pick a more personalized message to send.

• Translates 150 text acronyms: Acronyms such as lol, btw and l8r are translated when the is read aloud, so you will never miss the meaning of a message.

When paired with any Bluetooth-compatible phone, such as DROID by , H17txt with MotoSpeak also allows for turn-by-turn directions to be heard only by the driver, not everyone else in the car. Plus, voice prompts audibly update you on battery level, mute status, how to connect for the first time and more. With this enhanced headset, you can even listen to streaming media, music, videos and games - all hands-free.

Source: Motorola

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