British Cold War nuclear bunker up for sale on eBay

February 28, 2010
A Cold War-era nuclear bunker in Britain has been put up for sale on online auction site eBay, and by Sunday bidders had pushed the price up to more than 27,000 pounds (30,000 euros, 40,000 dollars).

A Cold War-era nuclear bunker in Britain has been put up for sale on online auction site eBay, and by Sunday bidders had pushed the price up to more than 27,000 pounds (30,000 euros, 40,000 dollars).

"A rare opportunity to acquire a piece of Cold War history," read the sale advert on the website.

"Set in a stunning location with glorious views. Your own nuclear bunker within a plot of land and much original equipment."

After being advertised at a starting price of 500 pounds late Thursday, a bidding war saw the price of the underground shelter rocket, increasing more than 50 times in less than three days.

Late Sunday the price stood at 27,424 pounds after 67 bids.

The bunker came into service in 1959 and was used by the Royal Observer Corps, a civilian defence organisation composed mainly of volunteers who had the task of reporting nuclear attack and fallout.

The shelter, in the Peak District National Park in central England, was fully operational until 1991 when it was decommissioned as the Soviet Union collapsed.

Measuring 50 feet by 50 feet (15 metres), the bunker is on farmland and in an "elevated position with panoramic views."

The bunker, which is "accessed via a metal hatch and shaft", lies 15 feet underground and has two rooms -- a chemical toilet and monitoring room -- and two ventilation shafts.

As well as furniture, the buyer will also receive a siren box, enamel bucket, jerry cans and rope for hauling heavy items up the shaft, said the advert.

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