UK University to probe integrity of climate data

December 3, 2009

(AP) -- A British university said Thursday it would investigate whether scientists at its prestigious Climatic Research Unit fudged data on global warming.

Thousands of pieces of correspondence were stolen from the unit at the and leaked to the Internet late last month. The e-mails have been taken by skeptics of man-made as proof that have conspired to hide evidence showing that global warming was not as strong as generally believed.

Phil Jones, the director of the unit, stepped down Tuesday pending the result of the investigation.

The university had promised a probe Tuesday, but it didn't specify what the investigation would encompass. Thursday's announcement was the first acknowledgment that the data itself would be examined.

The university said in an e-mail statement that its review will examine the e-mails and other information "to determine whether there is any evidence of the manipulation or suppression of data which is at odds with acceptable scientific practice."

The university said former civil servant Muir Russell would lead the inquiry. Russell said in the statement that he "has no links to either the university or the climate science community."

The university has asked that the review be completed by Spring 2010.

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3 / 5 (2) Dec 03, 2009
That's Great News!

It will not take much time "to determine whether there is any evidence of the manipulation or suppression of data which is at odds with acceptable scientific practice."

That is obvious.

The question is whether or not Muir Russell has the personal integrity and the strength of character to render judgement on this climate "tip" of a cancerous growth that has undercut the integrity of science in the West:

This unholy alliance between politicians and scientists that former President Dwight Eisenhower warned of in his farewell address to the nation in January of 1961.

With kind regards,
Oliver K. Manuel
4 / 5 (1) Dec 03, 2009
You cannot have the University, whose reputation will be affected by any results of an investigation, conduct the investigation.

Humongous conflict of interest and objectivity here. I fear that just like their faulty science, they will design the inquiry to find exactly what they want, which is of course no wrong doing.

A universities reputation is everything, you think they're going to admit that one of their supposedly most prestigious programs is corrupt?
...which is at odds with acceptable scientific practice...

If there is ANY manipulation or suppression of data, that is unacceptable scientific practice!

The machine marches on, We must get underfoot!
2.3 / 5 (3) Dec 03, 2009
I was black listed by U of Waterloo so they could cover up fraud ; so the act at UK center must serve to prove to the public my stand on research integrity(www.cancerfraudba...unately, Global Warming is not the real issue, the real issue is environment change: the world's oceans CO2 content is changing.Environment change means species go extinct as a natural course of events. The Great Barrier Reef is a complex organism and may be dead in just decades. Man is a complex organism and a species so mankind will be extinct in 50 years unless we act seriously now.A former US Surgeon General regretted my treatment and Noam Chomsky, Kyoto winner, said my theory(VTT) could be of phenomenal importance to mankind. VTT says disease regulates evolution. Pollution will cause new diseases to arise for which man has no immunity. How well have they done with the flu vaccines. Not! So how do you expect them to save you from new air and waterborne diseases for which man has no immunity.
1 / 5 (1) Dec 03, 2009
An interesting segue into self-promotion...
Man...will be extinct in 50 years unless we act seriously now.

I'm sorry man, but this is the same bullshite alarmist propagandizing that AGW is grievously guilty of.

I agree mankind can't (and shouldn't want to) live without a healthy environment, biodiversity is absolutely a great buffer to disease, but we're not gonna be dead in 50 years unless some crazy dictator starts nuclear war (which isn't entirely unlikely, IMO).

I'm not familiar with your theory, however I would like to submit to you that pollution is more likely to create weakness to disease in general, rather than to create new viral ones. Genetic disease? Perhaps. But no disease that man COULD have an immunity to.

Viral disease (the kind you can have immunity to) has the distinct biological "interest" to NEVER kill all, or even most, of it's host specie. So, maybe some of your message was lost to the 1000 character limit, but what I've read is just irrational ranting.
not rated yet Dec 04, 2009
Whygreen, did you mean this link:

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