Facebook creates online safety board

December 7, 2009

(AP) -- Social networking site Facebook on Monday said it is creating a global safety advisory board to protect its users against online predators such as sex offenders.

The board will comprise representatives from five groups: Common Sense Media, ConnectSafely, WiredSafety, Childnet International and The Family Online Safety Institute.

Facebook said the formation of the board formalizes relationships it has had with the groups. It also may expand the board to include more international representatives.

In early 2008, Facebook signed an agreement with attorneys general in 49 states to help protect children against online predators.

Last week, New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo said more than 3,500 offenders registered in New York have been kicked off and in recent months.

Over the last two years, 25 states have passed new laws requiring sex crime convicts to register their e-mail addresses and their dwellings.

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not rated yet Dec 07, 2009
Iam allfor theinforming of lawenforcement ofthe location and eMail addresses of sexoffenders. Iam on a sex offender register. However the law hasbeen usedto victimize people whohave chosen to leave that part of theirlife behindand make anewlife wherethey canbe a positive and nolonger a negative influence to society. I myself though I am handicapped in a wheelchair and arthritic beat up for no reason other then my name was made too readily available to hateful and violent people looking for some one to look down on and punish. Also in my part off the state of Michigan because of the registry laws ease of availability of offender information over 73 people have disappeared and not registered because to do so is a sure guarantee of unemployment and harassment. If the laws were amended to limit or somehow make ease of access harder for abusers who use it as a means of abusing people looked on as deserving the abuse it would be serving the purpose it was meant to. Reve
not rated yet Dec 07, 2009
Revenges no one certainly not the nation or victims that could come about without any law. But As I found in prison the system used to help salvage these victim of abuse themselves is not effective or appropriate. Offenders be they sexual or simple criminals are just names to shuffle in list and Mental health staff meant to fix these broken people are the least qualified to do so. I have been witness to several individuals who should not have been released because they had chosen by their own admission to me a fellow offender to go back and find a kid or lady or etc to help them mellow out. But they leaped through all the hoops of bureaucracy of parole because no one cared enough to find out truthfully what the prisoner really felt or needed to act. But Don't throw out the baby with the bathwater there are many men and women in system who truly are trying and succeeding at living life of benefit to,and yes better their communities, even if for political reason that rema
not rated yet Dec 07, 2009
remains hidden from the public. Please let the world know both of the problems and the won goals.

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