Gadgets: Affordable, customized headphones that sound nice, too

You might think a customized set of headphones would cost an incredible amount of money, but that is not the case with iFrogz headphones.

I went through the ordering process for a pair of the NervePipes and the choices seemed never-ending. With more than 200,000 combinations, users can customize everything including the headband, sidepieces, hinges, speakers, ear cushions and artwork to go on the side of the speakers.

If you're looking for a high-end set of noise cancelling headphones, this is not what you want. If you want a fun set of headphones to display some personality without costing a small fortune, then give these a try.

The sound was a little tinny and lacking bass. Even with that, every song I listened to was fine at all volume levels, making these a great deal for the $34.99 price tag.

The company offers other styles that can be customized. The Custom Flow model ($19.99) is a set of traditional earbuds, which can be customized with three pieces: the base (the itself), along with the rim color and its artwork.

The Custom Fallout model ($34.99) allows customization with many choices on the headband, sidepieces, speakers, ear cushions and artwork.



A new book, "Digitally Daunted" by Sean & Jean Westcott (Capital Books, $15.95), is the book I've always wanted to write Â- but didn't.

To sum it up, it answers all the questions that my family and friends constantly call me about. Which camera should I get, what is HDMI, does GPS really work, etc.

In today's technology era, many things are easy to figure out but missing one small, simple step can be critical. So if your VCR is still blinking 12:00, get yourself a copy.

The contents are exactly what the authors say it is, "The Consumer's Guide to Taking Control of the Technology in Your Life."

It's divided up into seven categories: your computer; connecting to the Internet; telephones: landline and cellular; television; cameras; media; and probably the most important - what went wrong. Within each category there are breakdowns for most everything you don't know and need to know.

For example, within the camera category users will be instructed on choosing the right camera by explaining the differences in specific features. Users will be instructed on basics about the resolution and the never ending megapixel questions along with lenses and other accessories.

Very often getting the camera is the easy part. Getting your images into a computer can be a challenge. The book explains photo editing, storage (CRITICAL!) along with printing and digital frames. For those who are into the video end, there is a whole section on camcorders.

It doesn't end there, as each category is well-explained for the technology challenged.

Details:, $15.95


Cernium has introduced Archerfish, claiming it is the world's first mobile video intelligence surveillance system for home or office use. It is capable of notifying users of situations via email or SMS on web-enabled smart phones, PDAs, or on any PC computer.

With this system, users can select specific events to be notified about to avoid unnecessary alerts. The alerts can include anything entering the view of a camera or programmed to send video for a specific time of day to capture a specific event with a point-and-click setup.

The cameras can be set up in different zones for specific purposes to detect any motion or just to cover something simple like the front door area to see when something is delivered or even when kids come home from school.

An internal sensor trigger will have the unit create a video clip when it's set off I situations such as a door or window having movement.

If an Internet connection is temporary lost, the system stores the video and sends it on once the connection is restored.

The initial system includes the Archerfish Smartbox, SmartPortal along with two cameras and cables. Multiple SmartBox systems can be purchased and used in multiple locations, but all managed from a single Archerfish SmartPortal.

Additional camera's can be purchased ($200) since the system can use up to four.

The Smartbox itself does not store any footage, all video is sent through Archerfish's SmartPortal & is hosted offsite

The Smartbox does not store any video internally, all the video is hosted offsite. Users can attach any USB storage device (not included) to record all video from cameras.

Details:, $2,499


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