Sony Ericsson Ainoa Smarter Phone: Access All Media Content Any Time--Any Where

Sony Ericsson Ainoa
Sony Ericsson Ainoa

Sony Ericsson announced the integrating and scintillating new smarter phone, Ainoa also spelled Aino in London on May 28, 2009. By smarter, I mean the future of communications is exemplified by the 4.1-inch x 2.0-inch x .06-inch, 4.7-ounce Obsidian Black Ainoa phone. Ainoa 3G with UMTS HSPA 850/1900/2100, UMTS HSUPA 850/1900/2100, GSM/GPRS/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900 will hook you up on every device you own, dream of owning or is on the drawing board in a R&D lab. The future is now.

What Ainoa Is About:

Ainoa 3G is about connectivity and quick and easy access to content via your PC, Playstation 3, a built-in 8.1 MP digital camera, video, music files, movie clips, social networking and in some regions TV. Ainoa has a 3-inch 432 x 240 pixel screen with 16,777, 216 color TFT, 55 MB internal memory with an 8-GB SanDisk micro-SD card slot, with compatibility to the full range of Sony memory cards. The sleek .06-inch depth and stylish 4-inch futuristic design has a retractable keypad, control wheel, an intuitive touch UI in media mode with easily navigable launch buttons for switching to various modes.

The Question Is—What Can't Ainoa Do?

Ainoa Media Go allows users to keep up to date with the latest music and videos. Media Go transfers, plays and organizes all your music, photos, videos, podcasts by WiFi directly from your PC. PlayStation 3 owners may control and access media content on the Ainoa handset's 3-inch vibrant screen any where and any time using Remote Play. Users may opt for local network connections or utilize the Internet with the built-in WAP 2.0 XHTML or Web feed from anywhere world-wide.

Sony Ericsson Ainoa
Sony Ericsson Ainoa

I will highlight some interesting features of Ainoa, for a full list see the following link. Ainoa has an 8.1 MP digital camera with a digital zoom up to 16x, picture blogging, geo tagging, image stabilizer, video blogging, picture fix, face detection, photo flash/light, video recording, red-eye reduction and touch or auto focus.

As an entertainment device, Ainoa has FM radio with RDS, tracker, video streaming, video viewing, JAVA, motion gaming, 3D gaming and more. Ainoa music capabilities include shake control, Track I.D., MP3, AAC, MegaBass, Bluetooth Stereo A2DP, Media Player and stereo speaker capabilities. Connectivity is Ainoa's middle name. Ainoa features PictBridge, WiFi, USB support, USB mass storage, synchronization, a modem, Bluetooth technology, DLNA certified, Google Maps and a GPS. Ainoa has all the organizing features one would expect, a calendar, flight mode, timer, world clock, notes and a touch screen.

Ainoa's communications and messaging features include, sound recording, predictive text input, instant messaging, picture messaging, text messaging, exchange active sync and email. As a phone, Ainoa features video calling, vibrate alert, speakerphone and polyphonic ringtones.

Ainoa is currently advertised by in their Americas web site. It will be available in Mexico, Columbia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela and Western Europe and eventually world-wide. The current price for the USA is not available nor is the release date. Historically speaking, Ainoa Times refer to the era in Hawaiian history post-Western influence noted for being an era of mixed blessings, marked by the introduction of new diseases and exceptional adaptation to new circumstances.

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