Gadgets: Back everything up with a single touch

SanDisk Ultra Backup
SanDisk Corp. has added the SanDisk Ultra Backup USB 2.0 portable flash drive to its long line of USB flash drives. This is the first to feature a solution to back up home or office data with the touch of a button.

The portable drive is available in 8, 16, 32 and 64GB capacities, and comes loaded with the layer of backup support that every user knows they should do, but rarely does.

Users can back up important documents, music, photos and videos with one touch. SanDisk rates the 64GB unit able to store 45,000 photos, 30,700 songs, 58,100 documents or 144 hours of video. These numbers can vary in either direction depending on the size of each file.

Everything comes installed and ready to go on the drive, which also has a dual layer of protection to keep the backed up data secure with password protection and AES hardware encryption. This allows it to work in a cable-free environment without having to go through any difficult software installations.

Once the drive is connected to a Windows system (sorry Mac users, it only works as storage for you), users press the backup button to launch the backup utility. From there, you have the choice of what folders and data should be backed up and the drive does the rest.

SanDisk's Ultra Backup drive is now available in prices ranging from $44.99 to $249.99, depending on the capacity.



PeeWee PC, a leading manufacturer of computer products and accessories for children, has announced the availability of the lightweight PeeWee Pivot Tablet Laptop.

The tiny notebook weighs just 3 pounds and is designed for children aged 3-10. A convertible rotating screen and a touch table are just a few of the features, which includes an Intel Atom Processor. Also included are a Walt Disney Windows XP theme and a 180-degree rotating 1.3-megapixel webcam.

Internally, the computer has 1GB of memory, which can be upgraded to 2GB. In addition there are two USB 2.0 ports, an external microphone and headphone jacks. Additionally there is a 2-in-1 SD/MMC memory card reader, which has a 60GB hard drive and measures 9.5-by-7.5-by-1.5 inches.

Parents have full control of what their children do with the laptop with PeeWee's proprietary security suite. This allows parents to limit on a daily or weekly basis how much time their children surf the Internet or play computer games along with even blocking specific sites on any browser.

Browsing history of the laptop can be accessed with ease and can even be controlled remotely. Children can also be blocked from changing the unit's system settings.

Each unit comes with 10 age appropriate game and software titles for Pre-K, early elementary, or upper elementary students. Users get a three-year limited warranty along with a lifetime of phone support.

Details:, $599.99


We pay a lot of money for our iPhones and other portable electronic gadgets, but they are pretty much useless when they are powerless. The iPWR ($59.95) from Wireless Input Inc. is a new portable mobile battery for these devices, which can be used anywhere.

iPhone and iPod users will get 1800mAh of additional power, which is able to extend the device for up to 40 hours of music listening, video watching for 10 hours and up to seven hours of talk time. In addition, the device can go for up to 360 hours in standby mode.

It requires a no setup once the battery is charged, just take to top off of the compact battery, turn the power switch on and plug it into your device. Except for charging the battery itself, there are no cables or plugs required for use.

To charge the device, users can use the same AC power supply or USB cable, which came with the device.

A nice feature of the unit allows power to be saved and contained when not in use, by using the on/off switch. When it's off the device completely isolates the internal power allowing it to stay fresh and charged for an extended period of time.

Check the company's web site for a complete list of compatible devices for the iPWR.

In addition to the iPod/iPhone model, units are also available for LG, Nokia, Samsung and Motorola/BlackBerry devices.



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SanDisk's Ultra Backup Software is compatible with MAC and can be obtained from the creators website

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