NYC church tweeting the Passion of Christ

April 10, 2009

(AP) -- Experience the Passion of Christ - in 140-character bursts.

In a marriage of Christian tradition and digital technology, Wall Street's Trinity Church is using the micro-blogging service Twitter to perform the story of Jesus Christ.

The main characters will tweet the Passion play for three hours beginning at noon on Good Friday. The feed also can be delivered to or e-mail addresses.

The lower Manhattan Episcopal parish also is offering a Web version of the Stations of the Cross.

The church was founded by a small group of Anglicans in 1697.

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not rated yet Apr 10, 2009
Dying on the cross.
3:00 PM Apr 3rd from Bible
5 / 5 (1) Apr 10, 2009
Of course everyone is free to post their beliefs in the public forum that is the internet.
However, be prepared to face scrutiny.
I suppose it will still be several generations before religious texts will no longer be taught as history.
Please, stop the brainwash.
I, for one look forward to the day when these myths join the ranks of other fictitious stories featuring Thor, Apollo, and other colorful characters.
not rated yet Apr 10, 2009
To ignore religious texts is to ignore history, and those who forget history are doomed to repeat it.

While certainly walking on water, arks of animals, and rising from the dead are mostly likely extreme exaggerations, much wisdom and philosophy can be distilled from the non-sense.

The problem today isn't religion per se, but the types of people who are vulnerable to the ignorant "group think" because they either don't have access to the facts or willfully ignore them.
1 / 5 (1) Apr 10, 2009
The Sumerian and Babylonian texts and cuneiform tablets than the 'modern' bible are based on have CONSIDERABLY more interesting information.

Like multiple gods, machines in the skies, reincarnation, multiple dimensions, aliens, atomic weapons, time travel, etc.

The bible is a joke in comparison. look into it. You'll be quite surprised. Why do you think that the Baghdad museum had to be completely trashed the night of the invasion and why did the green zone get built on top of the world's most important ancient dig site..that just happened to be..400 acres?

Anyway, one is only as dead and closed as their emotions, fears, and founding ideals. Life is interesting, and some should strive to have what it takes to really look a lot deeper into it.

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