Dutch chemists make new chiral palladium metal

Researchers at the University of Amsterdam (UvA) have succeeded in making the first ever piece of chiral palladium metal. The findings, by a research team led by Gadi Rothenberg, professor of Heterogeneous Catalysis and Sustainable Chemistry at the UvA, are significant because they lead to an entirely new class of materials. These are metallo-organics - they combine the variety of organic molecules with the special properties of metals. The research results are published this week in Nature Chemistry.

Chirality is a Greek term that means that an object, for example a molecule, has a , such as two hands. Chiral molecules have asymmetrical centres or right- or left-handed structures. Metals are not chiral because they have neither. However, in the UvA experiments, palladium could be made chiral by using organic template molecules which were then later removed.

These new materials, metallo-organics, are the opposite of organometallics. The possibilities of imprinting metals with are practically endless, and the process itself is so simple that it can be used in high-school demonstration experiments.

Using simple precipitation technology, Prof. Rothenberg and Dr Laura Duran Pachon managed to imprint palladium metal crystals with a chiral organic template. The entire template was then removed, leaving a chiral cavity in the palladium metal. The metal itself retains all its usual properties, such as malleability, conductivity, and . Using a ten-tonne French press, the researchers even pressed a chiral palladium coin, roughly the size of a two-cent piece.

The chirality of the metal was proven in various experiments carried out in collaboration with the group of professor Ron Naaman at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot, Israel. Like all metals, palladium exhibits the photo-electric effect: when a high-energy photon hits the metal, an electron is ejected. However, PhD student Tal Markus in Rehovot showed that the palladium coin made in Amsterdam ejected different electrons when exposed to clockwise polarized or anticlockwise polarized photons, proving the metal’s chirality.

Another experiment demonstrated differences in absorption reactions in the two chiral metals. Together with PhD student Itzik Yosef and professor David Avnir of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, the catalytic activity of the adapted metals was displayed.

More information: L. Durán Pachón, I. Yosef, T.Z. Markus, R. Naaman, D. Avnir, G. Rothenberg: ‘Chiral imprinting of with cinchona alkaloids’. Nature Chemistry, 20 April 2009.

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May 07, 2009
More basic alchemy, 101. This sort of thinking and results are 12,000 years old.

As for usefulness? I'd say very. There is a reason it was not mainstream for that 12,000 years.

It's too damn big on the most fundamental levels, many of the possibilities and the results are far beyond even the imagination of the less adventurous thinkers.

Here's why it's been around for over 12,000 years, it's right in the article. Can one be any clearer than that???: "and the process itself is so simple that it can be used in high-school demonstration experiments."

May 07, 2009
Here's the deal. It is KNOWN (US Naval Academy of Research, direct work and studies of their own-fully published and available) that the human nervous system is capable of 'speed of light' and beyond 'inter-communication' from one point in the body to another-instantaneously. It has been surmised (same Naval Academy research) that the DNA structure has superconductive properties.

David Radius Hudson did about 15 years of research trying to figure out what the amazing material he found on his farm...was. He spent over $9 million US finding that out. What he found, was that there was originally far more (about 30% on average) of the Platinum Metals Group in ordinary soil, earth, and rock..than suspected. What he found..was that the PMG had been converted/oxidized into a 'organo-metallic salt' type form, which does NOT spectroscopically resemble ANY of the known elements, as spectroscopically scanned by modern American scanning methods. One has to do a 300 second arc burn, as the Russian Academy does, to boil off the known elemental table in the first 30 seconds..then after about 200 seconds (done in a neutral atmosphere to stop electrode burn-out)NEW elements pop up. These are the 'shifted' organo-metallic PMG group, the 'oxidized' ones.

These are the elements or devices by which the human body actually transfers and shifts energies via. This is why we 'still have no idea' how the body ACTUALLY FUNCTIONS with regards to energy transfer.

These organo-metallic salts are part and parcel of the old reports on 'immortality', incredible intelligence, etc, as gleaned information on the science of ALCHEMY, which is all about the creation of the organo-metallics in a shifted structure mono-atomic form. Cooper paired shifted mono atomic form.

This information is relatively NEW, when it comes to public knowledge, as the Alchemists have kept it hidden for this incredibly long period of time--due to the power it can give the user to wield. Not for ignorant sods, it is far to dangerous.

However, the secrets are simple, it can be made right on one's kitchen table (as noted in the article)...and the result, when properly made and handled is that legendary incredibly long lifespan and incredible intelligence--to start.

What you are seeing here is the beginnings of the public and overall humanity paradigm shift in knowledge and power.

At the same time, the established system is trying to step in and stop the process-or 'end' most humans in existence today, in order to keep it or get this emergence back under control.

Don't take this simple bit I put here as some sort of 'fool's game',and ignore it. Dig in. There is plenty of information out there to back it up and explain it in totality.

If what I say is true, then it CANNOT be free, as what is free is worthless..but it can retain it's danger. You have to work for it, to earn it. When you earn it, you think on it, you ponder it - and that is the safest course possible.

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