Samsung Unveils Newly-Developed Mobile Wimax Systems

Samsung Unveils Newly-Developed Mobile Wimax Systems

Samsung Electronics today unveiled the latest additions to its range of Mobile WiMAX equipment.

Universal Radio Access Station (U-RAS) Hub System (HS) is a solution for in-building areas, where the efficiency of network coverage and capacity for expansion are essential. The Universal Radio Access Station Convergence System (U-RAS CS) is a true convergence system equipped with Access Service Network Gateway (ASN GW) and legacy wire line subscriber interface.

U-RAS HS offers easier migration and expansion of subscribers with distributed RF Units, and is the perfect solution for large buildings, campuses, and enterprise networks that support multiple antennas to minimise building penetration loss. It also helps service carriers install or expand Mobile WiMAX Coverage more easily and cost-effectively.

U-RAS CS incorporates ASN GW in its single system to maximise the efficiency of network installation and maintenance, as this means that the U-RAS CS does not require any additional ASN GW to expand the network.

U-RAS CS can also seamlessly communicate with broadband or legacy PSTN networks.

Mr. Geesung Choi, President of Samsung’s Telecommunications Network Business, said: “Samsung continues to drive leadership in next-generation mobile network technologies with the introduction of the new Mobile WiMAX U-RAS HS and CS. With our track record and commitment to innovation, Samsung will continue to aggressively explore market opportunities in Mobile WiMAX, armed with a full range of system offerings.”

Source: Samsung Electronics

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