Poll: Europe embracing broadband services

Europeans appear to be increasingly comfortable with broadband and more receptive to value-added Internet services, a new poll said Monday.

The Yankee Group's 2006 European Broadband Consumer Survey found that two-thirds of European broadband customers use Voice over Internet Protocol or some other service from their Internet service providers.

About 25 percent of consumers have used VoIP, and most consumers are becoming more concerned with Internet services than simply with finding the fastest connection speeds, the survey said.

But while ISPs are increasingly seen as a trusted source for Internet content, Yankee analysts cautioned that price will remain a factor in continued market growth.

"European broadband consumers' willingness to pay for more than access is reaching a plateau," said analyst Jonathan Doran. "Fostering customer relationships by adding valued services, increasing premium security options and exploiting trends in digital TV services will be key for players to grow their customer base."

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