In Brief: Telenor to launch 2G broadband in Norway

Norwegian telco Telenor will launch its second-generation broadband service next week, providing Internet speeds up to 16,000 kilobits per second.

The ADSL2-plus service runs over fixed lines and will be available to about 90 percent of Norwegian households and businesses.

"Customers will have access to broadband services that have been prepared for television, telephony and Internet over the same line," Telenor Division Director Berit Svendsen said in a news release. "In this way we also contribute to the government target of providing broadband to even more people over the regular copper network.''

The 2G launch coincides with a new extended-service plan that brings broadband service of varying speeds to customers who live in area out of the reach of Telenor's current ADSL network.

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