Teachers plan summer research trips

More than 200 U.S. teachers will take part in Earthwatch Institute expeditions this summer to share scientific research experiences with their students.

The elementary, middle, and high school teachers receive full fellowships to take part in field research and conservation projects as part of a program designed to bring environmental awareness and science literacy to the next generation.

The educators will be involved in such projects as surveying endangered manatees off Belize, tracking and observing monkeys along Kenya's coast, and helping measure climate change in northern Canada.

"This is the kind of hands-on field training that brings science and environmental issues alive," said Alan Fortescue, director of education at Earthwatch. "These educators will return home able to share their experiences with their students, inspiring and exciting the next generation about environmental issues and leadership, and helping to make a difference in their own communities."

The Maynard, Maine-based, Earthwatch Institute says it is still accepting applications from teachers in Boston; New Jersey; San Francisco; San Ramon, Calif.; Phoenix; Des Moines, Iowa, and Dallas. The deadline to apply is May 17.

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