In Brief: Microsoft sponsors world cyber games to '08

Microsoft will be sponsoring the World Cyber Games through to 2008. The games showcase some of the most cutting-edges video games in the industry, in addition to being the ground for gamers to flaunt their skills.

The software giant's patronage will include sponsoring all games, including three pan-regional championships, the Korean championship, the U.S. championship and the grand finals to be held in Monza, Italy.

Under the terms of the deal Microsoft Windows and Xbox 360 will be the exclusive gaming platforms for the computers and consoles to be used.

"Microsoft's support for the WCG further validates the growing global popularity of e-sports. Having Microsoft as a partner reinforces the WCG's position as a pioneer of competitive gaming and as the premier event in global e-sports," Hank Jeong, chief executive of International Cyber Marketing, said in a news release.

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