Company offers self-destruct messaging

A British company selling self-destruct text messaging says that thousands of people have signed up, from celebrities to business owners.

Staellium says even the Ministry of Defense has inquired about the service. Messages sent from subscribers` cell phones disappear 40 seconds after they are read.

Carole Barnum, the company`s chief executive, compares the service to the little tape recorder on 'Mission Impossible' that blew itself up.

'The ability to send a self-destruct message has massive benefits for people from all walks of life, from everyday mobile users through to celebrities and business people,' she said.

A number of people have found out the hard way that even electronic messages can end up in the wrong hands. They include soccer superstar David Beckham, embarrassed by text messages he sent a former personal assistant.

Even Staellium can`t entirely remove a text message. A record that the message was sent remains on a secure server.

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