Infineon Extends its Leading Edge Portfolio of Communication ICs with New Wired and Wireless Platform Solutions

April 21, 2005

Infineon Technologies AG, a leading supplier of semiconductor solutions for wired and wireless communications, announced three new feature-rich and highly integrated platform solutions for integrated wired access devices and mobile handsets:
-- Infineon’s Samurai Ethernet switch controllers reduce power consumption by 30 percent and improve performance
-- EASY5120 Wireless VoIP router platform enables VoIP and Wireless LAN routing in customer premises equipment
-- New MP-E multimedia phone platform offers highest flexibility by supporting the GPRS and EDGE cellular standards

Infineon’s Samurai Ethernet switch controllers reduce power consumption by 30 percent and improve performance

Infineon extends its market leading portfolio of ICs (Integrated Circuits) for home networking devices with a cost effective five- and six-port Layer 2 Ethernet Switch platform dubbed Samurai. Samurai’s key features include Layer 4 Ethernet QoS (Quality of Service) functionality and a hardware as well as software implementation of IGMP (Internet Group Management Protocol). This results in increased system stability for modems or gateway solutions and improved quality of VoIP (Voice over IP) telephony and video streaming. Additionally, the extensive security functions of the switch, including Port Mirroring and MAC Table Access functions, assure safe Internet surfing and voice communication. Samurai is suited for any kind of IAD (Integrated Access Device), from ADSL routers to Home Gateways, for home as well as small office applications. According to market research firm In-Stat (February 2005) the total market for home networking ICs is expected to grow from about 34 million units in 2004 to about 110 million units in 2009.

The Samurai product family consists of four six-port controllers: ADM6996LC, ADM6996FC, ADM6996I, ADM6996M and one five-port controller: ADM6995LC. Engineering samples are available now, volume production is planned to start in April 2005. For further information please go to: … 58991&cat_oid=-12486

EASY5120 Wireless VoIP router platform enables VoIP and Wireless LAN routing in customer premises equipment

With Infineon’s new EASY5120 Wireless VoIP router, Internet Service Providers can increase revenue from their customer base by offering wireless home networking VoIP services. The EASY5120 combines VoIP and wired routing capabilities with Infineon's certified WiFi technology, allowing the extra flexibility that wireless LAN technology provides. Connected to a DSL, cable or fiber modem, the EASY5120 allows smooth migration from traditional telephony to broadband VoIP. The EASY 5120’s design allows routing of data and analog voice over broadband Internet Protocol through an innovative combination of its core technology products: the VINETIC voice processor, supporting multiple CODECs, the ADM5120 network processor with integrated switch and routing capabilities, along with the WildCard-G wireless NIC.

New MP-E multimedia phone platform offers highest flexibility by supporting the GPRS and EDGE cellular standards

Infineon’s new MP-E platform includes all hardware and software components required for high-performance wireless phones with advanced multimedia functionality, including video streaming, video recording and playback. An integrated application enhanced GPRS/EDGE modem including the multimedia functionalities enables a true 3-chip solution consisting of baseband, power management unit and RF transceiver. This allows one of the industry’s smallest footprints and smallest PCB sizes for the system including memory, PA and FEM with a PCB area below 1,250mm². Mobile phone manufacturers benefit from reduced development times, fast time-to-market and better scalability according to segment orientation and design trends, as the basic hardware and software components of the platform remain the same, independent of the cellular standard. The multimedia platform reference design features an ARM9 based modem and is based on Infineon S-GOLD2™ with integrated Java Accelerator. Enhanced multimedia options include additional features, such as video recording and video playback (MPEG4), camera support of up to 2 megapixel, video streaming and support of high definition displays. Besides the GSM and GPRS standard the MP-E platform supports EDGE with EGPRS class 12, the coding schemes MCS 1 to 9 providing data speed up to 236 kbit/s in packet switched mode. APOXI® (Application Programming Object-Oriented Extendable Interface) application framework facilitates the reuse of applications over several product generations. It provides an open application protocol interface (API) thus enabling easy integration of third party applications, such as WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) browsers and MMI (Man Machine Interfaces). Applications such as WAP, MMS, Java, Voice Recognition, Email and SyncML are available through an extensive partner network.

The multimedia platform is delivered complete with protocol stack and application framework. Mobile phones based on Infineon’s MP-E platform are expected to be commercially available in the first quarter of 2006.

Further information on Infineon’s mobile solutions is available at:

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