The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters is a scientific journal published by the American Chemical Society. It was designed to complement the Journal of Physical Chemistry. The editor-in-chief is George C. Schatz (Northwestern University). The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters will cover the following topic areas:

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Decoding the lifecycle of photogenerated charges

New materials will enable novel technologies to turn sunlight into electricity and fuels. Combinations of molecules and tiny nanoparticles make these materials a reality. The molecules in these materials are very good at ...

How 'inert' compounds can steal ions

Cells produce many different complexes. These complexes can occupy 40% of the cell's volume, making the cell quite a crowded environment. For that reason, a full description of complex cellular behavior is a challenge that ...

Unraveling tautomeric mixtures

A team at HZB has developed a method of experimentally unraveling tautomeric mixtures. Based on resonant inelastic X-ray scattering (RIXS) at BESSY II, not only proportions of the tautomers can be deduced, but the properties ...

A new methodology for predicting corrosion rates

Most metal alloys are prone to corrosion, which costs hundreds of billions of dollars of damage annually in the U.S. alone. Accurately predicting corrosion rates is a long-standing goal of corrosion science, but these rates ...

What we knew about water was right after all

A comprehensive investigation by KAUST researchers sets the record straight on the formation of hydrogen peroxide in micrometer-sized water droplets, or microdroplets, and shows that ozone is the key to this transformation1,2.

Using ion soft landing to solve hard energy problems

Every technology that runs our world requires energy on demand. Energy must be stored and be accessible to power electronic devices and light buildings. The wide range of devices that require energy on demand has led to the ...

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