The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters is a scientific journal published by the American Chemical Society. It was designed to complement the Journal of Physical Chemistry. The editor-in-chief is George C. Schatz (Northwestern University). The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters will cover the following topic areas:

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Diving into the structure of molten salts in tight spaces

Room temperature ionic liquids (ILs), a special class of molten salts, promise far greater electrochemical performance compared to conventional aqueous solutions due to a suite of novel and tunable properties. Over the past ...

Improved waste separation using super-stable magnetic fluid

Magnetically separating waste particles makes it possible to reclaim a variety of raw materials from waste. Using a magnetic fluid, a waste flow can be separated into multiple segments in a single step. Researchers from Utrecht ...

Predicting X-ray absorption spectra from graphs

X-ray absorption spectroscopy (XAS) is a popular characterization technique for probing the local atomic structure and electronic properties of materials and molecules. Because atoms of each element absorb X-rays at characteristic ...

Researchers find new shape for hydrophobic molecules in water

The embedding of hydrophobic molecules in water looks quite different than previously assumed. In water, hydrophobic molecules are surrounded by a two different water populations: the inner shell forms a two-dimensional network ...

Researchers create a photographic film of a molecular switch

Molecular switches—they are the molecular counterparts of electrical switches and play an important role in many processes in nature. Such molecules can reversibly interconvert between two or more states and thereby control ...

Worth their salt: Researchers report first case of hexagonal NaCl

Skoltech and MIPT scientists have predicted and then experimentally confirmed the existence of exotic hexagonal thin films of NaCl on a diamond surface. These films may be useful as gate dielectrics for field effect transistors ...

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