Journal of Materials Chemistry A is a weekly journal in the materials field. The journal is interdisciplinary, publishing work of international significance on all aspects of materials chemistry related to energy and sustainability.

Royal Society of Chemistry

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What drives ions through polymer membranes?

Ion exchange membranes are needed in (photo)electrolyzers, fuel cells and batteries to separate ions and enable the desired processes. Polymeric membranes such as synthetically produced compounds like NAFION are particularly ...

'Nano inks' could passively control temperature in buildings, cars

World-first 'phase change inks' that could transform how we heat and cool buildings, homes and cars—to achieve sophisticated 'passive climate' control—have been developed, with enormous potential to help reduce energy ...

The world's first fluorosulfate-based flame retardant additive

In lithium-ion batteries commonly used in electric vehicles, incombustible additives are added to the electrolyte in preparation for the possibility of ignition. ETRI researchers succeeded in developing a fluorosulfate-based ...

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