The Journal of Chemical Physics is a scientific journal that publishes research papers on all areas of chemical physics. Two volumes, each of 24 issues, are published per year. It is published by the American Institute of Physics.

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Evaluating the shear viscosity of different water models

Water is one of the most abundant substances on Earth and partakes in countless biological, chemical, and ecological processes. Thus, understanding its behavior and properties is essential in a wide variety of scientific ...

Topology's role in decoding energy of amorphous systems

How is a donut similar to a coffee cup? This question often serves as an illustrative example to explain the concept of topology. Topology is a field of mathematics that examines the properties of objects that remain consistent ...

New chemistry toolkit speeds analyses of molecules in solution

A new open-source toolkit automates the process of computing molecular properties in the solution phase, clearing new pathways for artificial-intelligence design and discovery in chemistry and beyond. The Journal of Chemical ...

Exploring when a protein's prone to wander

Exactly how proteins interact with solid surfaces is a concern for health care manufacturers who design drugs, make biosensors or develop anti-fouling materials.

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