Antiquity is an academic journal dedicated to the subject of archaeology.[1] It publishes four editions a year, covering topics worldwide from all periods. Its current editor is Martin Carver, Emeritus Professor of Archaeology at the University of York. Antiquity is owned by The Antiquity Trust, a registered charity founded in 1927 by the English archaeologist O. G. S. Crawford. Its trustees presently include Warwick Bray, Barry Cunliffe and Colin Renfrew.

The Antiquity Trust

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Bronze jewelry sheds light on prehistoric ritual

Excavation at the dried-out lake site of Papowo Biskupie in north-central Poland has revealed more than 550 bronze artifacts, providing the most telling evidence of ritual deposition of metal by the occupants of the region ...

Earliest 'true' saddle in east Asia discovered

Archaeologists have used radiocarbon dating to analyze the oldest true wooden frame saddle in East Asia, revealing how the rise of Mongolian steppe cultures was likely aided by advances in equestrian technology.

Oldest fortresses in the world discovered

In a groundbreaking archaeological discovery, an international team led by archaeologists from Freie Universität Berlin has uncovered fortified prehistoric settlements in a remote region of Siberia. The results of their ...

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