Angewandte Chemie International Edition is a weekly peer-reviewed scientific journal that covers all aspects of chemistry. Its impact factor was 12.730 in 2010, the highest value for a chemistry-specific journal that publishes original research. It is a journal of the German Chemical Society and is published by Wiley-VCH.

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Impact factor
12.730 (2010)

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Filming proteins in motion to understand their functions

Proteins are the heavy-lifters of biochemistry. These beefy molecules act as building blocks, receptors, processors, couriers and catalysts. "Proteins are the molecular machines that power all life on Earth," explained Mark ...

Researchers develop novel alkaline anion exchange membrane

As the central component of alkaline exchange membrane fuel cells (AEMFCs) and alkaline exchange membrane water electrolyzers (AEMWEs), the development of alkaline anion exchange membranes (AAEMs) is critical to the global ...

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