Earth Sciences Apr 10, 2024

Seismologists suspect earthquake on San Andreas Fault is imminent despite odd attenuation parameters

A trio of seismologists affiliated with Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia, the Berkeley Seismological Laboratory, University of California, Berkeley reports that a part of the San Andreas Fault, at Parkfield, ...

Astronomy Apr 12, 2024

Exoplanets true to size: New model calculations shows impact of star's brightness and magnetic activity

In the constellation Virgo, 700 light years away from Earth, the planet WASP-39b orbits the star WASP-39. The gas giant, which takes little more than four days to complete one orbit, is one of the best-studied exoplanets. ...

Earth Sciences Apr 12, 2024

As climate change progresses, new rainfall patterns may affect plants worldwide

April showers are increasingly becoming deluges due to climate change, and May flowers will never be the same. And it's not just April; the warming of the planet is causing a year-round, worldwide trend toward more intense ...

Plants & Animals Apr 12, 2024

New species of ant found pottering under the Pilbara named after Voldemort

A study by The University of Western Australia has unearthed a new species of subterranean ant that shares some traits with a well-known Harry Potter villain.

Plants & Animals Apr 12, 2024

Bonobos are more aggressive than previously thought, study shows

Chimpanzees and bonobos are often thought to reflect two different sides of human nature—the conflict-ready chimpanzee versus the peaceful bonobo—but a new study published in Current Biology shows that, within their own ...

Plants & Animals Apr 12, 2024

Iconic savanna mammals face genetic problems due to fences and roads

Whether by way of Attenborough, Disney or National Geographic, the iconic scene is familiar to many. The ground trembles and clouds of dust swirl as enormous hordes of large animals thunder across the African savanna, cross ...

Earth Sciences Apr 11, 2024

Cloud engineering could be more effective 'painkiller' for global warming than previously thought

Cloud "engineering" could be more effective for climate cooling than previously thought, because of the increased cloud cover produced, new research shows.

Polymers Apr 10, 2024

Using CO₂ and biomass, researchers find path to more environmentally friendly recyclable plastics

Modern life relies on plastic. This lightweight, adaptable product is a cornerstone of packaging, medical equipment, the aerospace and automotive industries and more. But plastic waste remains a problem as it degrades in ...

Condensed Matter Apr 8, 2024

Magnetic levitation: New material offers potential for unlocking gravity-free technology

Researchers at the Quantum Machines Unit at the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology (OIST) are studying levitating materials—substances that can remain suspended in a stable position without any physical contact ...

General Physics Apr 9, 2024

Peter Higgs, physicist who proposed the existence of the 'God particle,' dies at 94

Nobel prize-winning physicist Peter Higgs, who proposed the existence of the so-called "God particle" that helped explain how matter formed after the Big Bang, has died at age 94, the University of Edinburgh said Tuesday.

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