Astronomy 6 hours ago

Black hole fashions stellar beads on a string

Astronomers have discovered one of the most powerful eruptions from a black hole ever recorded. This mega-explosion billions of years ago may help explain the formation of a striking pattern of star clusters around two massive ...

Quantum Physics 10 hours ago

Electrons become fractions of themselves in graphene, study finds

The electron is the basic unit of electricity, as it carries a single negative charge. This is what we're taught in high school physics, and it is overwhelmingly the case in most materials in nature.

Archaeology 7 hours ago

Neanderthals' usage of complex adhesives reveals higher cognitive abilities, scientists discover

Neanderthals created stone tools held together by a multi-component adhesive, a team of scientists has discovered. Its findings, which are the earliest evidence of a complex adhesive in Europe, suggest these predecessors ...

Social Sciences Feb 20, 2024

Are American voters really as polarized as they seem? Research suggests 'yes'

A new study of American voters by researchers at Rice University and Stanford University shows that while response rates to political surveys are on the decline, people are more polarized than ever.

Cell & Microbiology Feb 19, 2024

Our ligaments and bones don't grow the way we thought, new research finds

New research by Northeastern scientists questions the long-held belief that the connective tissues that give us mechanical strength, such as tendons, ligaments, bones and skin, form in the human body by cells coming together.

Astronomy Feb 14, 2024

'Beyond what's possible': New JWST observations unearth mysterious ancient galaxy

Our understanding of how galaxies form and the nature of dark matter could be completely upended after new observations of a stellar population bigger than the Milky Way from more than 11 billion years ago that should not ...

Analytical Chemistry Feb 20, 2024

AI-assisted robot lab develops new catalysts to synthesize methanol from CO₂

Artificial intelligence and automated laboratory infrastructure are massively accelerating the development of new chemical catalysts. With these tools, researchers at ETH Zurich are developing catalysts for efficiently and ...

Astronomy Feb 20, 2024

Astronomers observe the Radcliffe Wave oscillating

A few years ago, astronomers uncovered one of the Milky Way's greatest secrets: An enormous, wave-shaped chain of gaseous clouds in our sun's backyard, giving birth to clusters of stars along the spiral arm of the galaxy ...

Astronomy Feb 20, 2024

NASA's New Horizons detects dusty hints of extended Kuiper Belt

New observations from NASA's New Horizons spacecraft hint that the Kuiper Belt—the vast, distant outer zone of our solar system populated by hundreds of thousands of icy, rocky planetary building blocks—might stretch ...

Astronomy Feb 19, 2024

Brightest and fastest-growing: Astronomers identify record-breaking quasar

Using the European Southern Observatory's (ESO) Very Large Telescope (VLT), astronomers have characterized a bright quasar, finding it to be not only the brightest of its kind but also the most luminous object ever observed. ...

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