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Hairy tongues help bats drink up

Animals have evolved all manner of adaptations to get the nutrients they need. For nectar-feeding bats, long snouts and tongues let them dip in and out of flowers while hovering in mid-air. To help the cause, their tongues ...

dateFeb 07, 2018 in Plants & Animals
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Touchscreen games for dog brain training

Spoiling old dogs in their twilight years by retiring them to the sofa and forgiving them their stubbornness or disobedience, doesn't do our four-legged friends any good. Regular brain training and lifelong learning create ...

dateFeb 07, 2018 in Plants & Animals
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This is why you won't be able to swat that fly

Summer in Australia is defined by sport, but the most-played sport isn't cricket or tennis โ€“ it's fly swatting. Have you ever tried to swat a fly? You can swipe, slap, slash or swoosh your hands at these sometimes-annoying ...

dateFeb 07, 2018 in Plants & Animals
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