Archive: 9/10/2009

NASA probes hit moon twice (Update 2)

NASA's Lunar Crater Observation and Sensing Satellite, or LCROSS, created twin impacts on the moon's surface early Friday in a search for water ice. Scientists will analyze data from the spacecraft's instruments to assess ...

dateOct 09, 2009 in Space Exploration
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Wasteland and wilderness

( -- Harvard science historian and physicist Peter Galison is using part of his Radcliffe year to explore the intersections of forbidden wilderness and nuclear wasteland.

dateOct 09, 2009 in Environment
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Race for Superconductors Shrinks to Nanoscale

( -- A team of researchers from UT Dallas, Clemson University and Yale University are using science on the nanoscale to address one of the most elusive challenges in physics - the discovery of room-temperature ...

dateOct 09, 2009 in Nanophysics
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