Archive: 9/10/2009

New age of discovery for new proteins dawns

( -- We are on the brink of another new age of discovery- this time of countless new proteins, which could be used in a whole range of situations from medicine to industry, following the successful development ...

dateOct 09, 2009 in Biochemistry
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French arrest physicist suspected of al-Qaida link

(AP) -- A nuclear physicist working at the world's largest atom smasher has been arrested on suspicion of links to the Algerian branch of al-Qaida, another blow to a project that has been plagued by glitches and was shut ...

dateOct 09, 2009 in Other
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Earth from Space: Typhoon Melor

( -- This Envisat image captures Typhoon Melor spinning in the Pacific Ocean northeast of the Philippines on 6 October before slamming into the main Japanese island of Honshu on Thursday.

dateOct 09, 2009 in Earth Sciences
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